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67 chevelle pro street in the works

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Picked this one up because I've never built a pro street anything before. I think this one is gonna be my best work yet. But who knows. Lol here is my progress so far built a cawl hood for it. Color is a duplicolor gm blue, don't remember the exact name. But I laid 3 coats of primer, wet sanded it then sprayed a aluminum silver down, then the blue. To make it pop even more I took some pledge (future) floor cleaner and mixed some jacquard pearl ex macropearl white and reflex violet pearl and shot it on. Then cleared it with my rustoleum crystal clear. Still need to wet sand and polish it. But I'm happy with it so far. I havnt decided an interior color yet though. I need some advice what color would go good with it guys? 



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A couple of interior ideas. #1 Stock colors, they had a tutone blue interior with the shades of blue. #2 Race type. Flat sheet metal door panels, exposed wheel tubs, painted roll bars, and two race style bucket seats and maybe a multi lever shifter shifter for a Jerico transmission. Or something in between.   

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I think a tan and black interior would look great with that paint job. I was considering it on my current WIP, but did the old boring black instead. Can't wait to see more of your build.

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