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Italeri 1/12 scale 1927 Fiat Corsa

Harry P.

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This Italeri 1/12 scale 1927 Fiat Corsa is sort of the "companion kit" to the 1924 Fiat Mefistofele I posted earlier. This car won the 1927 Grand Prix. It's similar to the Mefistofele as far as detail level, but on this kit there is a lot more flash and misalignment of molds, creating large mold seam lines everywhere. Also, the kit is poorly engineered, with many parts competing with other parts for the same space. I had to make many adjustments to get everything to fit. For example, the engine mounting points on the chassis don't match those on the engine, so I had to cut the chassis parts off and reposition them in order to get the engine installed. Many more examples of this sort of bad engineering throughout the kit… but what are you gonna do? Fix it all, I guess.


No full blown step-by-step WIP this time... I don't want to bore you guys. Just a few photos of the project along the way. First up, one of the engine mounting points on the chassis was broken, so I had to make a new one of styrene. And besides, they were mismatched with the engine's mounting points, so I would have to move them anyway, broken or not...



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One of the bizarre things in this kit is the floor. The floor details are molded onto the floor, and they give you a photoetched sheet which includes the "wooden" floor, with cutouts for all the various molded-in floor details.


Of course, I was going to make the floor out of real wood, not photoetched "wood," so step one was to cut all the details from the floor...


Here's what I came up with...


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