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Jeep Rubicon Crossing Stream


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I was looking at the 1/25 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon that I put together sometime ago and had a great idea for a diorama.  I started out with the idea of making a desert scene and have the jeep climbing a hill.  However I got a little carried away and built it up too tall.  So I decided to make a stream and waterfall instead.

I started with a wood base, sealed it and glued 2 layers of that pink styrofoam on top of each other.  I then covered the entire thing in tinted joint compound.  Some rock gathering at a local park proved to work out well.  I painted the rocks and dusted the entire thing with sand and blended turf for model railroading.

The bridge is made out of similar sized maple branches I found in the back of my property.  I used Scene A Rama Ripplin' Water Kit for the stream and waterfall.  The three trees turned out the best.  I used a thick wire I had, attached several tree branches found laying around the property to the wire using florist tape.  Then I "painted" a couple of thin layers of joint compound on the trunks to blend them together.  Once it was dry I painted the entire tree the same color, then added some variations in coloring with washes.  I then took some stuff I got from my local craft store called Reindeer Moss and glued it to the branches.  The final step in making the trees involved spraying them with diluted white glue the help hold them together and sprinkling some blended turf on the trunks to make then look like moss.  The trees were then attached in holes with some foam-safe CA glue.



























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