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This is the first model I've finished this year, although I've worked on others too. I used the engine and other engine bay stuff from Revell's 56 Nomad plus Satco tyres and I had the bumpers re-chromed. I found that the glass, interior, tailgate and chassis all needed re-working to fit nicely - but other builders haven't mentioned these problems so it could be just me. I bungled a few things along the way but managed to get a tidy enough result in the end.

888d59a10c0f48cabf_zps4vi8jui4-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

bdaec542cdbbba9d2f_zpsef3kpm9j-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

18b4b9c69d994594f1_zpsszvitryy-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

1791f544770bd33468_zpsa4s0u0cg-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

f2a2856714e5521484_zpswrw9w1zy-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


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Superb Peter, as other have mentioned its the best build Ive seen of that old kit., who did you use for the rechroming?, I know you were asking about that a while back Im in the UK so if you found someone in Europe it could be very handy.


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Thanks for the nice comments.

Gary, I found a company in Switzerland but they are expensive - a minimum charge of approx GBP100 for a rack on which I could mount 15 - 20 pieces, depending on their size. I did two racks and a couple of bumpers didn't get an optimal undercoat - but I've seen that on the odd (US) Chrometech piece too.

The chrome seems to be a bit more durable than most kit chrome and can handle the usual handling better. 

I'll use them again because I can drive there with rare pieces that I'd be nervous about sending to America and back. 

The address:

Kaltbrunner AG, Sportstrasse 1, CH-2540 Grenchen, Switzerland.   Tel. 0041 (0)32 654 10 00

If you decide to use them, ask me about how to mount the pieces - they have their own system and might struggle to explain it in English.

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BTW  This is the photo I used when mixing colours and I don't claim to have got it dead right - but close enough. Assuming the car has been correctly painted, then I'd say the darker colour is Neptune Green metallic, the roof Surf Green. I used Zero acrylics, starting with their Fine Metallic Base and adding green and blue candy colours till it looked right. White with green and blue got the roof close - but not on the first attempt :unsure:. Tamiya clear rounded it all off.

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I love clean builds with beautiful paint work and this thing has it all. Great work!

X2.  The removal of the parting lines on the bumpers stands out to me for some reason, really makes a difference.

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