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D7 Cat dio Updated Pics 10/29/16

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Hi Folks,

Have been working on this off an on.

Building a one foot square diorama that features an old 'cat' out back of a general contractor's lot. Timeframe is the 80's and the D7 that was war surplus has been sitting for   a few years.

The D7 is from Mirror Models....


Below is a pic from their web site, a really nice kit of almost 600 parts. 


Here are a few reference shots from an auction site....





some progress pics....













That is all for now,


Thanks for looking in!










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Hi  Folks,

Thanks Matt,  I think this one is their best yet.

Richard,  Just trying to keep up with you my friend:)

Hi Scott,  Thanks Mate !

Hi Mark,  Glad you like it.

Carl,  Thank you and I know what you mean.

Hello Fabrizio,  Thanks buddy!

Hi Dennis,  Appreciate the kind words!


Some progress,

Ground cover added to the base...

Making up a two wall wedge shaped building to anchor the back of the scene. Plastruct sheet goods and strip stock.


adding some detail and power pole ...



Small tree to finish the left side of the back...

The right side of the back gets a fence corner...


That is all for now,

Thanks for looking in!



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Hi Folks,

Thank you Chris !

Cary,  you are too kind !

Thanks Warren !

Hi Richard, Thanks buddy:)

Hi Mark,  Glad you like it.

Thanks Steve.

Appreciate it Brian !

Thank you for commenting Bill !


Getting closer to the finish.....




That is all for now,

Thanks for looking in!








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yeah right ....posting pics of a real yard ....making us believe its a model ...tssssss:angry:








:lol: randy its insane , realism is insane !! love it ! the close up with the barrel , door and concrete splab > whow

the wire spool !!! man awsome

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