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I always wanted an S2000, but it was too impractical, so I ended up with a civic type R instead - which is a car I loved to own, so much so, that I ended up keeping it for 5 years and sold it on at 90k on the clock (miles).

Any how, decided to do this build as it's curb side, and should be quick. I haven't actually finished a model in 2 and a half years due to house renovations.

This will be a quick build with not too much detail, I want to learn more about clear coating with 2K, and use my first set of PE in earnest.

Box art:


Using Hobby Design Photoetch:


I've cut out the grill to add P/E later:


Finished the chassis:

04.thumb.jpg.f6621362b7ae144923424a05792(made a hash job of the wash on the sump & transmission)

Finished 2 bits of the interior too:


and the cabriolet hood:


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That photoetch kit is really nice. The details that add alot to the kit.

Looking good so far. 

Thanks for the comments!

Looking very nice so far Atin, I really miss my s2000. Times were tough and I had to let her go....only 22k miles on it when I sold it. 2003 ap1 new formula red.

Well, better to have had & lost than never owning one like me!

Looking nice. Are you painting this silver?

Yes it's a mix of Tamiya Acrylic GunMetal & Silver

Looks like a clean build so far.  

Thanks Dude..

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So fell into some problems!

Nice & neatly masked & painted the interior tub ready for flocking


I have used some flocking from HiroBoy, And some PVA glue. Did one half first - so as not to allow the PVA to dry up

Patted it down with a brush, then did the other half.


But it turned out really weak & see-through, you can see the glossy glue underneath


So I've stripped it & will have to start again.


Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Should I have watered down the PVA?


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Made some progress on this motor, the chassis is finished, and went together really well, Tamiya make great kits that are well detailed, and well engineered.

The problem I have is the grille, without a jig it's really difficult to get it together without it being wonky!

Any pointers out there?Brakes_with_PE.thumb.jpg.bae7ac1b7793b8aRear_Axle.thumb.jpg.b6dc2f64d0d290bdbf13Chassis.thumb.jpg.1e60f2c53c03efdace8094Grill_in_PE.thumb.jpg.b66f5a063969924cae

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have now re-painted the interior tub ready for re-flocking.

I've also 2K clear coated the body shell, but I think the hardener was off. It clumped up in the airbrush & caused some spluttering. I plan to sand / buff these out, but it's going to take time...!

2k clear coated.jpg

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the comments guys!

2nd attempt at flocking the interior, also with hiro boy flocking, but what I changed was diluting the white glue about 1 to 1 with water and doing the flocking in different orientations so that it didn't flow too much, it took 5 orientations to complete, but looks better now, ready for the interior to be assembled. I am having some trouble with the P/E kit seat belt material, I will post a question in the help section to see what people think...20161223_201519.thumb.jpg.3f6d880383eab3

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Thanks for the comment Jonathan!

It's been polished out a few times, the paint blemishes look like bubbles stuck in the paint, but as you can see, it doesn't turn out too bad in the photos.

This was sanded using Tamiya sand paper, polished using Novous 3 stage compounds - for stage 1 I used a dremel, it made a chuffing mess everywhere, but the results are great...



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  • 5 weeks later...

Interior is now finished.

What took time was the seatbelts AND YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THEM IN THE PHOTOS!

But I know they are there.... :-(

Now it's assembled, I don't know why I bothered with the photoetch on the pedals.

The glass is also in the body shell.

Only lacking exhaust tips now, they have had the chrome stripped, and are waiting for spraying... this one is not far off from being my first of 2017!






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Nice work...I have the kit...yet to touch it. 

FYI...I bought the JADA S2000 from Fast and Furious series as a stand in until I build the plastic kit....the JADA s2000 is listed as 1/24 but is much closer to 1/20 or 1/18!!! HUGE!! 

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