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After finding previous WIP's for the Revell/Monogram scale model 1990 F-Series trucks being done on here I wanted to create a 1:1 just like the truck my Dad had when I was a kid. He is no longer with us and unfortunately my mom had to sell the truck. Believe me if I could've kept it I would've given her the money for it but I was unable to do that for a lot of reasons I don't need to get into mainly because I live in CA and it was in VA.   

He had 1990 Ford F250 Supercab XLT Lariat 4x4 Long Bed HD, Cabernet Red with two tone Colonial White in the middle only. It had a 5spd manual, 5.8L V8 Windsor, 4:10 rear end, red interior with Vinyl seats and a Split Front Bench Seat. He special ordered it sometime in the Fall and it was delivered November 1989. I'm not sure if he still had the build sheet or the window sticker as that would be pretty cool to show. I guess I could find out next time I visit my mom. He used this on our small farm, hauling hay, cows, pigs, and everything else a truck needs to haul for a farm. 

Well here are the build photos, please forgive any imperfections or mistakes you might see as I've not made a model truck since I was 14 yrs old which I can't believe has almost been 20 yrs ago! I will admit I spent some time researching what everyone else does to their model builds and I'm just blown away at the talent out there. I never put as much detail into a model when I was a kid but for this one I wanted to try and do something close to the 1:1. This build started in late August but I could only work on it in my free time when I could so, I'd say it was done about last week when I added one last detail.

I didn't have the truck for reference of all the details so I had to go off of memory and find any photos I had available to me which was only one photo, everything else is back east. I hope you enjoy my project enjoy some photos.


1990 F250 pics  (1).jpg

I used the above model kits to make this truck. The 80's Ranger Pkup (which is just an f150) I used the leaf springs, front TTB axle, and I was going to use the wagon wheels but used another set later on. The F150 shortbox had the 5.8L V8 and the cross member from that kit I added to the F250 frame to help lift it higher in the engine bay. The Offroad F150, I used the trans with transfer case, the BFG tires, and shifters (also I forgot it had some good decals for the engine bay). 


1990 F250 pics  (3).jpg

The Bench Seat is from the Ranger 80's pickup. I fab'd my own backing for the seat too. You can see the front leafs I already added to make the frame HD with styrene parts. I felt that the original cross member on the f250 frame was the perfect height to set the front axle on to keep the 4x4 height so I just added the cross member from the F150 shortbox on top and used the dremel tool. 


1990 F250 pics  (4).jpg

The F250 Floor box, see the cut out for the on the side of the hump for the 4x4 shifter I made plus the hole to position the 5spd shifter. Clutch was added after this.



1990 F250 pics  (5).jpg

Mock Test fit, the front shocks custom made styrene tubing/rod used, added custom leaf springs (his truck had 6 leaf springs) I added top and bottom to the f250 rear leaf pack. Tires from offroad 150, and wheels from the 80's ranger. Notice the frame is cut out, I ended up doing more changes to the frame later so this isn't the final look.


1990 F250 pics  (8).jpg

Finished the 5.8L Windsor, I had to fix the oil filter after hitting it but its Fram Orange. Also there were some minor changes later with the distributor cap. Opted for one with wires I found online from Mad Modeling later on.


1990 F250 pics  (9).jpg

Mock up of the body on frame. Cover holes for mirror mounts, he had the standard mirrors.


1990 F250 pics  (10).jpg

all Suspension and shafts setup -glued, custom rear shocks, notice the drop down pieces for the rear leafs on the side of the frame to help add the lift. I added Ranger pick up rear axle hubs so I could use the inner wheels for that kit. 



1990 F250 pics  (12).jpg

Frame paint flat black with engine, driveline all glued. Front Drive shaft is the rear shaft from the Offroad f150 kit. Notice the curved cross member holding the trans in place, had to curve it for the driveline to clear.


Below are the interior parts, clutch added. I was testing a darker red on the captain seats from the f250.

1990 F250 pics  (14).jpg


Shifters below, the 4x4 shifter I bent using paper clip wire. Later I used same wire for the main 5spd replacing the plastic one, also added beads for the shift knobs.

Trailer hitch shown, I got it from Scenes Unlimited.

1990 F250 pics  (18).jpg


Exhaust added and modified from original layout. Notice the added plastic to the trans cross member wanted it to look thicker.1990 F250 pics  (17).jpg


Trailer hitch added to the frame, from scenes unlimited.You can see the leaf springs really well. Hitch from scenes unlimited.

1990 F250 pics  (19).jpg


Test fitting the wheels and you can see I added metal wire to hook on to the exhaust pipes. Close up of the leaf spring mount which as mentioned before I fab'd to lift it higher.

1990 F250 pics  (20).jpg

1990 F250 pics  (21).jpg


Test fit the dash and you can see the shifters in place. He had the wood grain trim I used a dark brown and magnifying glasses.

1990 F250 pics  (23).jpg


You can see below I added wires that are attached, the power from the starter and a trans line going to the clutch master cylinder. I cut stake holes for racks, I know they are not exact but I was worried about being too close on the ends of the bed rails. Plus using a dremel tool on something so thin was a pain I didn't want to cut into anything or ruin it nor risk it to make 3 holes on each rail so I stayed with two on both sides. Some minor sanding work to the window area from excess paint and almost ready to assemble.

1990 F250 pics  (24).jpg


The F250HD 4x4 supercab is about 77 inches cab height stated in the 1990 brochure spec page. So 1/24 scale would mean about 3.2 inches. It's pretty close. I added the 8 lugs to the wagon wheels then tried to paint the wheel locking hubs red. Again I changed these out later.

1990 F250 pics  (26).jpg


Ok so this is where I started adding some crazy details. He had a Tekonsha Trailer Brake Controller with the tow package -dealer installed and he had his old 1970's cobra CB radio that he installed. Now after I glued them in place I remembered that the TBC was mounted closer to the radio and the CB was further away under the steering wheel dash area, so they should be switched but no big deal. Granted the sizes are way off on the scale factor but these I built from scratch styrene. The cb mouth piece was a phone that is cut smaller from the shortbox f150 kit -it was a car phone that was an extra part.

1990 F250 pics  (27).jpg


My first ever attempt at bare metal foil first on the tailgate handle. It was tricky but I got the hang of it. His was an XLT Lariat and he did have the tailgate covering with the reflector etc, but he damaged the original tailgate sometime in the early to mid 90's (it was bent inside the middle of the bed side) so he replaced it but instead of putting the covering back on he had the body shop just paint the two tone. I prefer this look.

1990 F250 pics  (28).jpg


You can't see it but I added a button on the left corner of the floor just under the steering wheel you can make out a round dark blur, its for the floor switch high beams. The decals of the dash gauges and ac/heat/radio, I created in photoshop from brochure images I fixed up from the internet. If you look close on the right hand side that is an XLT Lariat decal on the dash. Power windows/doors-buttons are painted.

1990 F250 pics  (30).jpg


Engine Bay with radiator in place. I used the Fan housing from the f150 shortbox but trimmed it up  to fit and to help cover the fan better. Wires connected, and more coming. Bare metal foil on the windshield trim which was a little picky going on. 

1990 F250 pics  (30-1).jpg



I created the 4x4 decal on the front face to look like the real emblem that should be there for the 4x4 model. Bare metal foiled the front bumper with the black plastic strip around it. I also added BMF to the lower side trim which was a bear to do on both sides since it's so small. The vent window trim painted black.

1990 F250 pics  (32).jpg


Shot of the interior steering wheel dash.

1990 F250 pics  (33).jpg


I added the spare tire from the shortbox kit which looked like the original stock road tire it came with and the standard f250 rim. Not painted just removed the chrome.I had to make my own spare tire holder -broke the original, this one fits with the hitch in place. Notice I moved the steering on top after realizing where it should be, connected that to the steering box I custom made with a shaft from the Offroad f150.


1990 F250 pics  (34).jpg


Below you can see the wires I added to make it more realistic, I had to use internet images of engine bays to figure out what should be there. Its not 100% accurate but it works. Decals added like oil and washer fluid. I wasn't sure on the battery wire so I just lined it to the firewall. Yes I added a dipstick for the oil after I had assembled everything which took some patient. You barely see it but there is a steering shaft going to the firewall just under the air box intake hoses.


1990 F250 pics  (36).jpg



Ok so I used the kit directions image of the roof clearance lights, scanned into photoshop, and made them bigger in order to align them. Mirrors are from the 80's Ranger pickup with the mounts cut from rectangle styrene tube so they had a corner already and glued the top mounts on the truck first. I glued the bottom mount to the mirror arms then I hung the mirrors and angled them in position. These are the final wagon wheels I got from BNL resins, they have the 4x4 locking hubs plus 8 lugs -white with chrome hubs/lugs. I gotta say I really love them even though they were much larger than the other wheels and I needed to trim them up/sand them down.

1990 F250 pics  (38).jpg


Below: steps added from small aluminum rod, Radio antenna and CB antenna= I used a stainless steel wire from a brush for each. These are the racks I enjoyed more so than the other taller cattle racks he used for hauling bigger things like cows or hay, etc. I was going for how it looked while he was still driving it and these were on the truck then. The white box background I made kind of hides the white racks. I added a piece to the steps later on to add a flat surface. Look closely at the F250 side emblem, the XLT is painted red and Lariat is black. Also the 4x4 decal on the rear is something he added later on I think in 1993 or 94 maybe. The Pin stripe he had was a silver pin strip with a small red line in the middle. I found this silver strip tape (the smallest I could find) and thought that would be good enough. 

1990 F250 pics  (41).jpg



Good shot of the 4x4 decal (I think I made it just a tad larger) and as mentioned before he replaced the tailgate opting not to put the reflector backing on and put on that style of FORD decal which is from the 1993+ model yrs I think since this happened around 94-95. The bumper sticker of course is the US Navy, he worked for the Navy as a Fed-employee for over 35yrs and was Navy Proud!

1990 F250 pics  (45).jpg


So the loop you see below in the bed represents a steel cable (it's an actual a stainless steel twisted wire from a twisted wire brush that I cut so it is a real wire) he installed by tying it to the frame which he used to strap cargo to. Screen wire covered the rack opening for rear visibility to see in the bed or backing up. Under the tailgate you can see the tiny detailed trailer brake 6 way-plug that was custom made and I used left over spark plug wire to run a small wire from the plug to the frame.

1990 F250 pics  (53).jpg


Added the piece to make the steps flat, bent the passenger step up more as it didn't look level. Tied her down to the display case floor.

1990 F250 pics (59).jpg

1990 F250 pics (60).jpg


Added some more decals,

1990 F250 pics  (50).jpg


He always had a 4x8 sheet of treated plywood in the bed, I used a thin balsa wood sheet.

1990 F250 pics (65).jpg

She barely fits on the bigger deluxe display case from AMT.

1990 F250 pics (56).jpg

The End. The time it took to make this was long in my book but it was worth it. Thanks- Mark

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Great looking build. It is always rewarding to build a model of a vehicle that had a special meaning in your life. I hope you can look at this truck for years to come and have those memories of your father.

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Thanks everyone, it took a lot longer than I ever thought it would (2 months) but I enjoy seeing it completed and I will always have those memories of us and his truck. Now I'm realizing that I spent quite a bit of money on this model than I thought I would've but it was worth it to me.

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Here are some photos I made a bit better in photoshop fixing the colors. The first photo I cleaned up the lighting. Also I forgot to mention I made the custom front mud flaps which were only on the front. 


1990 F250 pics (68).jpg

1990 F250 pics (71).jpg

Better view of the engine.

1990 F250 pics (73).jpg


Mud flapsand step

1990 F250 pics (75).jpg


Trailer brake plug with wire shown.

1990 F250 pics (79).jpg

1990 F250 pics (80).jpg


You can see the hole for changing the Oil filter in the frame.

1990 F250 pics (81).jpg

1990 F250 pics (82).jpg

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Excellent build! I love watching a kit bash like this. Its truly the great thing about modeling. Taking different kits from different manufacturers and mish mashing is a beautiful thing. Great job.  

             X's 2 I agree 100% great job of kitbashing and fabricating ! The detailing is spot on.



       Be Well


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