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Although it's not important at all I was just curious about the age of most people in our modeling community.I'll start-I'll be 61 in about 3 weeks and my passion for modeling is never been higher.

same as yourself, 61, and been car and model car sick since about 1967 or so. some days I feel 161, but most of the time now I feel 18 again.....all the right young gal's in one's life can make age disappear very quickly, I have now found...lol...:P:lol:...lol.....the Ace.....;)

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I'm 72 and have been building off and on since 1954. I like building models of cars I have owned, wish I could of afforded once upon a time and those that remind me of when I was thick of hair and thin of waist unlike now.  

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At some point age becomes a relevant factor when building models. 

I'm 66 and have had to adjust my building methods to compensate for a less than steady hand and imperfect eyesight.

I can still get a reasonably good result but I've had to screw back the perfectionist in me a bit to keep it enjoyable. Bet I'm not the only one. 

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