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This is a joke, right?

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Ok, with all this hullabaloo I watched the video. Did any of you check the comments? I also checked out all his other videos.  The answer is clear: this video is not a joke.  It is for real!

It clearly is a teenager.  If you want to meet the person you were chewing out, check out this video:


That might have been his first (and only) model kit. He used the crappy water-based paints which were most likely included with the model.  You can see the vials those paints come in.  He obviously is a video game fan (his other videos are all Minecraft), so he was probably excited to actually build some tangible object.  That is how I see it.  Do any of you remember how your first model kit came out?  Need I say more?

What worries me (seriously) is that he has not posted anything for 3 years. Usually kids don't just abruptly stop posting stuff online! hope that he is ok.

Seriously guys - lighten up!  At our annual model contest we have models much worse than that entered in the Juniors class.  Let a kid be a kid.

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All right...I was wrong to put up anything seeming unkindly critical of a kid. 

i should have tried a little harder to find out something about the poster.

He seems like a nice kid, you all are probably right that he was just thrilled to have made something, and once again, I WAS WRONG.

This is NOT an admission that my intent was to dump on the guy, because it WAS NOT.

I saw no subsequent posts and assumed it wasn't an active modeler and was probably a joke. But believe what you want to. I really don't dive a damm. A lot of people believe the Earth is flat, too, and no logical argument from me will ever change what they want to think.

Still, I was wrong to put it up the way I did, seeming to invite criticism.

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Bill, I have to hand it to you, I respect you for coming to that realization and posting it here.

Replace the video with one of an adult modeler trying to sell an equally bad build as "pro built" for some serious cash and then maybe we can have some laughs.

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I'm not a long-time member here but even in the time I have been participating in this forum I can tell that Bill is not someone who is looking for attention or trolling to stir the pot.  To me he is a knowledgeable member of the MCM forum who is always willing to share his expertise with others. But sometimes stuff happens - nobody's perfect.  We now know that we watched (hopefully) a future model builder building his first model. Hopefully he is alright.

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