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Stripping Short Cuts paint

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I thought the stuff was a Testor/Pactra-like enamel. If so, Purple Pond should have done it.

If that didn't work, it might be a lacquer, in which case 93% rubbing alcohol SHOULD do it.

If that doesn't work, it's time for the Nuclear Option: Brake fluid.

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I have and use several strippers (depending on the paint). There is a long thread in this section of the forum about using various strippers - lots of good info there. It is a sticky thread, right on the top of the list.

Try Testors (ex. Floquil) Easy Lift Off (chemical similar to DOT3 brake fluid) or Scalecoat Wash Away point remover.  Keeping the liquid warm while stripping (80-90 F) increases their potency.

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