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1975 Kenworth K100

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So in my never ending quest to clear up the "Shelf of Shame", I have pulled my 1975 Kenworth K100 Oneida Freight out of moth-balls & onto the work bench.  Why I do this when it's cold & I cannot use spray paint, I have no idea. :wacko:

Anyway, this is what I am going for:


I started with the AMT Kenworth K123 kit back on 24 JAN 12, and this is where I am right now.  I wanted to show you exactly how it looks with the dust & broken parts & all (ok, I did remove a dead bug from being wedged between the passenger seat & the doghouse).



Engine (swapping out the Cummins NTA370 for a Caterpillar 3408; larger radiator from AMT K100 Aerodyne kit):





Cab (replacing the narrow grill from the kit with the grill from the AMT K100 Aerodyne):


And that's where we stand.  More updates soon, I hope.


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      I am glad to see this one back on your workbench. The interior looks pretty good. The paint on the chassis and cab looks good .

I don't think it will require a whole lot of painting. I like the engine swap and the new radiator as well. Go for it !!



Be Well


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Thanks, Gator.  The frame really just needs a shower (five years of dust really adds up), then all of the parts that come off in the shower will have to be put back on.  The engine is in primer right now so that will have to be painted & detailed.  I think the hardest part will be running the plumbing for the air & exhaust.  At this point the cab is just reglue the steering column, then put it all together.

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Here's this weekend update.  The cab is mostly done.  Air deflector still need to be painted, decaled, & mounted; and the P/E logos & door handles need to be attached.  There is also some small touch-up painting that needs to be done, but it's a lot closer than it's been in years.

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