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1/8 Ford GT40 Mk1 scratch built

mad mike

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Hello everyone,

here is the second member of my Shelby gang: The 1969 Ford GT40 Mk1.
Since no one has managed to make a decent 1/8 kit of this famous and beautiful racer I had to build him from scratch, as usual. I used the 1/18 Rodriguez Gulf car from Spark as template.
As with my other cars I made the body from polyurethane block material, copied it via silicone mould and carved the cockpit out. The roof was made from glass-fibrereinforced epoxy and the small parts are cast off - 3d printed parts.
It's curbside, nothing can be opened, the wheels turn and can be steered though.

The engine is scratchbuilt too, but you can buy a kit that used my engine as prototype on www.fein-design-modell.de
see here too

If anyone who reads this has an idea where to get chassis plans of this car I'd be really, really thankful for a hint. I'd like to build a full model since I already got the engine done too, but I won't build stuff like the suspension without proper plans.

Thank you for looking, comments and questions are welcome!


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You even got the pattern on the back of the Lucas 608 mirror! Outstanding! This was a project I long thought of doing however I sobered up and reality crept in. I know I can't make a pimple on the butt of a model like this!

Keep it up and dazzle us some more.


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Thank you very much for all the praise, I really appreciate it!

@ Bob: I tried to keep count of the hours, but I never follow through with it. I was at it about one and a half years, mostly on the weekends. And yes, I've got a girlfriend and she's glad I'm not running around on the streets in my free time ;)

@ Cato: I'm really happy you told me that. Especially since I think you're someone who knows about those things.

@ Howard: Simply speaking I used parts of the body molded in plaster, layed on some 0,7mm polycarbonate sheet (Vivak by Bayer) and put it in the oven at about 130 degrees. Works out in about one of ten - that windshield was the fifth try and I had to put it in the oven five times to get the shape somewhere near where it should be.

@ Oscar: Yeah! Gotta love those low angles. I'm making the wheels steerable just for the photos!

@ Rick: You'd never guess what I used on the Lucas mirror - the packing foil of Ferrero Rochers. Tasty stuff. Do you own a real GT40? I'll keep it up - Shelby built some more Beauties, so I'll do too!

@ Paul: I'm actually an engineer, but lately I'm not so proud of it anymore, thanks to those VW guys. So I'm trying to make something beautiful once in a while, as opposed to the sad stuff on our roads.


Check it out, found a scary WIP pic...


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@ Rick: You'd never guess what I used on the Lucas mirror - the packing foil of Ferrero Rochers. Tasty stuff. Do you own a real GT40? I'll keep it up - Shelby built some more Beauties, so I'll do too!



Until recently I owned P2171 but as I sell them there is usually a GT40 around.

GTP2171 9-14 014.JPG

GTP2171 9-14 045.JPG

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Scratchbuilt?  Wow!  I'm speechless.  I just glue together pieces made by some manufacturers.


If you took some photos of it in a natural outdoor environment (and take them from carefully chosen angles), it could easily pass for the 1:1 car!

How did you make the wheels and tires?

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Hello Peter, I can't wait that winter is over and natural light becomes available again! I'd really like to take some pictures in the open.

The wheels and tires are originally 3d printed and then molded in silicone to duplicate them by casting. I don't like rubber wheels, so I always cast them in rigid material.

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