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Merry Christmas

59 Impala

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It's funny. In my job I occasionally have to call people all around America to get them to send me documents of various sorts. I always end with "Have a great week (or weekend)" and during this time of year I always add "and a happy holiday season." And they've always said "same to you," pleasantly. This year I started saying "Merry Christmas" instead of "happy holidays" and it's been amazing--almost everyone has audibly brightened up immediately; I can almost hear them smile. It's really quite remarkable. They wish me a Merry Christmas, too, very warmly. It's really brightened my days. B)

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Merry Festivus to all !

Let the Airings of Grievances begin! B):lol:

We do a Festivus party every year. We have the Festivus Pole and we put up pics from the show. We also serve food from the show. This years menu includes Vegetable Lasagna, a Big Salad, Soup, Meatloaf, Marble Rye, Calzone, Shrimp and Chips and Dip. For desert Cinnamon and Chocolate Babka, Frozen Yogurt, Bosco, Snickers, Junior Mints and Pez. The Airing of Grievances tend to be mild complaints and the Feats of Strength is only some arm wrestling but we try to cover everything. My wife is getting t-shirts this year I'm hoping mine says "Yay Jerry got it open"

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I just wanted to wish everyone who hangs out on this site,a Very Merry Christmas.And a Happy,Healthy New Year.Funny the reason why I'am up this early,is that my 6 year old son wants to meet Santa..But it's ok,cause he's starting to fall asleep.?Thank G-D.Oh and  a happy Chanukah as well..

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