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2016 Cannonball (Aussieball) Official Voting Thread (Voting Over)


2016 Cannonball Run Voting Ballot  

59 members have voted

  1. 1. This year's winner is?

    • MeatMan's Toyota Land Crusier
    • Belugawrx's Chevy AC Delco
    • Jay's Customs '51 Chevy 3100
    • MLMDesign's '71 Plymouth Duster
    • Misha's '72 Chevy Blazer

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Voting thread to decide the winner of the 2016 Cannonball Run CBP.

This year we took the race over sea's to Australia, the theme this year was a Off-Road Outback Theme. Builders were tasked with constructing vehicles both capable of traveling Off-Road and also surviving the course.

We had a total of 5 completed builds, they will be listed below in order appearing in the poll, we kindly ask that you cast your vote to decide this years winner. 

To see additional pictures please visit the the completed builds thread here: 2016 Cannonball (Aussieball) Completed Buillds Thread

Thank you in advance!

Entry #1

MeatMan's Toyota Land Crusier

Land Cruiser Front Angle.jpg


Entry #2

Belugawrx's Chevy AC Delco



Entry #3

Jay's Customs '51 Chevy 3100



Entry #4

MLMDesign's '71 Plymouth Duster

 photo DSC00739_zpszbu4qi0e.jpg

Entry #5

Misha's '72 Chevy Blazer


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Yeah MCM does count each time a thread is viewed even if it's from the same person, I added five more to it just now to see lol. I think it's safe to assume 40% of the view count will be from the builders checking on the vote. I was guilty of checking every few hours or so last year haha.

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This is your host Jonathan here with the results of this years race.

Ladies and Gentlemen for a second year in a row the race has ended in a tie!

 photo Capture_zpsd2lvmiof.png

Bruce held a good lead up till somewhere between Alice Springs and Port Augusta. We don't know what happened (camera's aren't everywhere in Australia, yet). No mater the case or cause Misha found a opening and capitalized on it, taking the lead and held onto it through Coonamia, the prospect of victory looked good. But Bruce pushed his truck to the limits and was able to recover the ground making the last two miles neck and neck.  As they come into view in the final stretch neither could seem to pull ahead. It was easy to tell, they wanted the prize, but you could also see the look in their eyes. They wanted it but didn't want to play dirty for it. Both of them had too much respect for each other and their rides. Instead of dog fighting it looked like they simply nodded at each other and crossed the line bumper to bumper.

I'd like to say we then enjoyed a good time at the Casio afterwards but the cops weren't too far behind our racers so we all had to make very quick getaways. . . Like the US the popos here don't got no sense of humor.

We'll party on the way back to the states.


Big congrats to both Bruce and Misha and their builds. A tie seems fitting for you two, both your builds are amazing.

And to Dennis, Jay and Matthew, you may not have won in the popular vote but you three are still winners in my eyes. Congrats on building some very fine rides.


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I do admit it was a thrilling end to the AussieBall. It was neck and neck as Bruce and I swapped leads, yet there is a sense of fair play and taking care that is a common Canadian characteristic, and we both crossed together at the finish line. It was a thrilling build and competition, congrats to the participqnts and fellow racers.

Now is the time for celebration!

Cheers Misha

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Congrats  to all AussieBallers on a race well run !!

What a finish, Neck and neck down to the wire,....Misha, your test vehicle had a well deserved lead, when this came in,.....

This Sheila was captured by CCVR outside a truck stop near Alice Springs...

Race officials were called in after the GPS system in #6 hadnt registered any movement in 30 minutes,....

Great Fun, cant wait till next years Cannon Ball

Cheers to all who entered, and voted!!


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Thanks Jesse, Mike, Rob, and Dennis for your comments and your involvement with the CannonBall. A very welcome feature of the forum is the community of builders and the imaginative sprit that is displayed in events such as the AussieBall. Big thanks to Jonathan for organizing us and looking forward to Bill's return to the Brock Yates Memorial 10th Cannonball Dash... 

Thanks to all who voted and followed along, plus a big hand to all fellow competitors!

Cheers Misha

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