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Hey guys, here are a few progress shots from my current build. It's a 29 Ford roadster pickup "Gow Job". A stripped down, hopped up, pre war hot rod before they were called hot rods. Something a kid in the mid thirties would take to the dry lakes. This is a quick little build I am doing for a YouTube community build project for Ford Truck Month. The body and bed are AMT. The rest is from the Revell 31 Woody. I scratch built the firewall, inner doors and a few engine details. Trying to keep this one simple and fun. I'll post more pics as I move along.

You can also follow the progress on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVoU7nzEBSxvHvXYIjRgp8g





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I made a little more progress. The engine is in the frame, I made some pedals (not visible, sorry) A coil, and fuel filter. The seat had to be narrowed since I made the inner doors. I'm going with the stock 31 Model A wheels and tires up front and using the Kesley Hayes style wheels in the back with wider firestones. The stock tires look a little thin and didn't feel quite right in the back. 



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I really like this. 

Coincidentally, I'm building a T bucket pick-up along the same theme: hot rod when hot rods were still built, not bought.

I'll be watching this. :)

Thanks. I would love to see your build. 

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It's very refreshing to have a model like this to follow for a change.These were the fun cars of their day.They were built mostly during the great depression years from whatever was available.A lot if people literally abandoned broken down cars along the road side because they were out of work and no money to repair them.Those"found"cars were towed in and stripped for their usable parts by enterprising local mechanics to build speedsters and gow jobs.

If you're a builder that likes to attend the NNL there will be a cult theme parking area for these gow jobs and vehicles like those seen at the race if gentlemen events at the NNL Nationals # 37 in October in Ohio.Thanks for sharing.

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Two comments....first, Travis, this is a really, really sharp build.  Love your choices in terms of kitbashing mods and color schemes, etc.  

Second, I was going to mention the 2017 NNL Nats "Vintage Beach Racing" Cult Theme and how great this model would look "parked" there, but I see Tom Woodruff already did that above....in any case, will really be looking forward to seeing this project completed.   TIM  


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I made a little more progress on the Gow Job this weekend. I made headlight brackets out of aluminum tubing. They will probably be painted black. I painted masking tape with black Sharpie then cut strips and taped an X on each headlight. I also made a gas pedal and installed behind the firewall. The seat was covered in masking tape, painted with acrylic brown, then a coat of acrylic black and sanded after it was dry. 




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