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1967 DeAgostini shelby GT500, Build diary


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Yikes! Took me a while to find this thread! I finally got the body for this beast in the mail the other day! Only a couple more shipments to go, and the subscription is done!  To give you an idea how big (and heavy!) the body alone is.....here are a couple pics I took of it today.


Those of you that know me know that I don't have particularly small hands! This was one HEAVY CASTING just to hold up for the camera! I can imagine the whole works once it's totally built will weight probably over 20 pounds, as the chassis is also solid metal.

Then there's this...............................


ALL of those brown boxes you see are all the parts it'll take to get this beast built! :o Each one of them is like a mini magazine featuring a muscle car of the month, as well as the instructions for a particular step. I may not necessarily build this in the sequence they suggest (what else is new? :D), as there are some things that are screaming out for better detail..........the engine for example.

I have NO CLUE when I'll get to starting it, but I can tell you that no one else will kit a 1/8 scale 1967 Shelby Mustang anytime soon, and I can best believe that this will probably be a multi-year build as I won't do mine exactly "out of the box".  Of course I won't hijack this thread here since it belongs to the original OP.....this will have its own topic in this category. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up as to how huge this thing is for those of you that have might have a subscription, but are months away from getting the body and related parts.

Yeah, the corner of my build room needs some organizing! What I'll probably end up doing for now is take those boxes up to my third floor so they don't suck up quite so much space, not to mention I'll have to totally rearrange the work table as this will take up quite a bit of real estate just to get parts built.

I've seen these finished and built up already on YouTube, and also on the Model Space Forums, and they ARE VERY impressive when totally done! I have to admit that I'm glad also this comes prepainted.............I'd have to otherwise paint this outside as there's no way that monster would fit in my paint booth! :D

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