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What's your favorite taillight red and orange paints

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Testors Turn Signal Amber, Stop Light Red. Sharpies in Red Yellow and Orange, I use the various blues and greens on dashboards. Food Coloring mixed into Pledge with Floor Care (Future Floor Wax) also works. Even used it for tinting windows. Elmer's Clear with food coloring also works. 

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I had Sharpie ink attack (craze) clear styrene.


As far as plated backup lights go, I used some 5-minute epoxy with talcum powder mixed in (which makes it a milky translucent color) applied over the chrome. Like I'm making a lens over the chromed one. But some 5-minute epoxies will yellow after few years making the lights look yellowish. If I ever have to do that again, I will mix talcum powder with Bondic and apply that over the chrome lens.

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Tamiya acrylics cleare red and orange are the best, plus they never run out, ive been using the same ones since the start of my modelling career and thats a long time ago

I can attest to the long shelf-life of Tamiya bottle paints , as I have a bottle of their Clear Red that's over 30 years old , and it's just as good as the day I opened it ! I also have a bottle of Gunze-Sangyo that I bought at the same time ( same day , same shoppe ) ; it's their Clear Ambre , and it is also just as good 30+ years later .

I have used Testors Turn Signal Amber and Stop Light Red enamels as well --- still do --- but they don't last nearly as long in-so-far-as shelf-life is concerned . 

With that all being said : There are times when the Testors paints just plain look more accurate . The metallic in them gives the "fluting" a more lifelike appearance ; they're great over kit chrome .

With lamps which are moulded-clear , and require painting the appropriate colours , I'll paint both sides ( unless there's a "depth" to them ; see Art Anderson's comment ) . Either the Testors on the back-side and Tamiya on the outside , or vice-versa .

Bottom Line : I'd recommend getting both . They each serve their purpose .

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