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Hello everyone! Coming back from long Russian New Year holidays with a freshly built model!

This is a very nice 1/25 Revell kit, didn't required a lot of sanding and filling, also details fit great.

One more time I decided to paint it ratty style. The body was painted with water based acrylics using brush only - I had a very interesing experience doing this.

Added some wiring and plumbing to the engine, this kit comes with a cool straight six.

Also added tailgate locks and chains and wood boards to the bed.

The grille was cut to look like a grille, not like a solid plate as it comes in the kit. This "moustache" grille is the thing I like most about this old Chevy trucks.

I had a chance to take some winter pics outside, although it was a little bit cold.

Your questions and comments are welcome!


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Great build. A very tired looking old work truck.  Your extra effort with the grill and bed chains make it look very realistic. Your outdoors pictures ad to the effect.

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The cut out grill really made a difference looks great. I might not have weathered the interior the same amount as the exterior but that's a small point. I quite like the outdoor photos. Adds a level of realism to the truck.

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