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Dodge Dart Phoenix 1961

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Hi guys,

Back with a new built, this time a 1961 Dodge from Johan, it was a resto from a built kit which was in bad shape. I decided to go full detail with it so I put the Lindberg Dodge chassis and engine bay, Big Block is provided by an AMT 58 Plymouth ( which actually is a  Chrysler big block with a Polyhead intake manifold. Dual quad is from a Johan kit, some detailing in the engine bay, wire wheels are from Modelhaus, outside miror is from the 57 Chrysler, some flocking in the interior, license plate are from "Best Model Car Parts". It was hard to resto as the plastic of this area is very hard and can be broken very easily, also windows were in very very bad shape so I managed to save them but they are not so perfect. Anyway I'm very happy with the result, it's a kit I wanted to built for a long time and here it is ;)

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Nice work Emmanuel, considering what you started with!

Personally, I probably would have thrown it in my "scrap" box.

Don't think I would have even attempted it.

I love these '61 Dodges!

I bought one of the X-EL re-pops many years ago, & built it, but it's screaming for a do over.

I even did it in black! ;)

Very nice save!



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