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Ferrari/Model A Mash-Up

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Besides being ugly, did any one notice the lack of a drive shaft? Who ever was behind this build should be forbidden from ever using tools again. This is a truly offensive excuse for an automobile at any price.

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That '32 with the Ferrari V-12 is done right, but I agree on the one in the link, it looks like parts thrown together without much thought.  Other than body, drivetrain/rear suspension, and rolling stock, it looks like the rest is a throw away and start again nearly from scratch by somebody like Bill (Ace Garage Guy).

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, did any one notice the lack of a drive shaft?

Or the lack of induction ducts? Is the steering hooked up? Where exactly is the radiator? It does not seem to be a finished job. Even so, I don't really think it was ever meant to actually drive. I guess there are reasons why someone would want to put an exotic engine in a rod and not drive it, that happens from time to time - but what leaves me scratching my head is the stance..   

But here we are discussing it, and the builder / owner is getting attention.

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Okay, I don't think it's as bad as everybody else here is saying. That said. I don't like it. I just was expecting much worst from the immediate comments I read here before clicking the link. At the same time, I love the Eye Bleach pictured above. There are many more abominations out their that I could use that for. And some are my own creatations! ?



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