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'70 Camaro Pro Street..I actually painted and glued something!!

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70camaroktqt6.jpg I did it, It took over a year but I think I am coming out of a serious model block!!! I have had an Indy Fiero project on the bench for over a year!!! Funny, it was supposed to be a "Quick Build"!!! LOL!!!! Last night I finally pushed it off to the side and re-started and older project. This is a '70 Camaro pro street that I am building from the junk box. It is an AMT body with a Revell pro stock chassis @ tub. The wheels and tires are also from the parts box. The hood is from Matt Conte @ LOOKOUT design. This is way out of my "comfort" zone as I usually do factory stocks or junkers but I am pretty happy with it so far!!! Hope fully I can get it done and get back to a regular modeling schedule!!! Some people actually think I had forgotten how to glue two peices of plastic together!!! Well I will show them!!! :blink: KT Edited by KT EASTMAN
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Oooh, niiice....Ok, you have my attention.. :blink:

That's a great start KT, I like the colour choice..the matt hood looks evil...(no punn intended.. :D ..)

You have some monster motor lined up for it..?

Look forward to seeing some more...I can see this inspiring me to dig mine out again, thanks.

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Well I do plan to put a monster Big Block under that Cowl hood!! I have always been a Big Block guy!!! As for what I have to do.......well.....the body is done but it still needs some work on the suspension and interior. I got a bit of it done today!!! I will try to post some better pics!!! KT

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