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1968 Dodge Coronet 440 Build


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Hello, I am new to the forum!  That being said, I thought I would share my recent car project.  My stepdad owns a 1968 dodge coronet 440 with a 318 cubic inch engine.  So I decided to make a scale model of it.  I shaved the R/T badges from the 1968 R/T body I found online.  Used painted masking tape for the black vinyl top.  I also had to modify the engine mounts for the smaller engine to fit with the roadrunner frame.  I have added a picture of the actual car for comparison.

Parts Used:

1968 MPC Dodge Coronet R/T Body

1975 MPC Chrysler 318 c.i. Engine

AMT Torque Thrust wheels w/ Firestone Tires

1/25 scale Edelbrock Valve Covers

AMT 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner donor kit for chassis, frame, interior

Bare Metal Foil

Plastruct Scale Lettering

Paints Used:

Model Master Dark Bronze Metallic Lacquer

Gravity Colors White Surface Primer

Gravity Colors 3-part Clear Coat

Gravity Colors Anthracite Black










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Very nice!

What's the color of the real one? I have a resin one coming someday and don't yet have a color for it in mind, but I really like THAT one!

So the real one is a shade of the original 1968 Bronze.  When they restored the car, they had it mixed so obviously it won't match my model paint.

Gravity Colors has a Pontiac autumn bronze you might be able to get to match the original color.  When I airbrushed it, it was darker than the paint color in the original car, but you might be able to spray it light enough to match.


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