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Revell 1/25 2016 Corvette Stingray 85-4425 Model Kit Review


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Thanks for posting this Chris!

Your review answered a question I've been wondering about the C7 'Vettes. I'm one of those that likes more detail......particularly in the engine and chassis area. I was hoping that the new gen car shared more with the C6, but looking at the chassis, they are different as far as the floor pan shape. I get Revell's point of wanting to make this a sort of quick builder, but I'm a little disappointed that this one doesn't have more of a parts count, for what's an iconic car.

I may grab one down the road just the same------I could always mix and match parts to suit what I need. It does seem that as far as running gear (rear mount transmission and engine) the C7 shares a lot with the C6, so that's a plus there. ;)

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I have one.  It has it where it counts.  Body shape is bang on, wheel and tire size is bang on, stance right out of the box is bang on.  Only thing that jumps out at me is the headlights aren't quite right and it's going to be hard to get the LED "boomarang" looking right and I wish more of the black vents and tail panel were separate. And I much prefer this approach over the AMT Camaro with its 37-piece rear suspension and too-high stance.  

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