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So this was my last model completed a couple weeks ago.  I built this one as a request from a friend as I thought it would be nice do build something that someone else would like to see.  I had this kit in my stash for years, started it when I purchased it and quickly became frustrated with it, so back in the stash.  Needless to say I was not excited when this was chosen, what was even less exciting was she chose a can of paint that was 20 years old Testors Boyd Red enamel.  

But I was up for the task.  Many choice words were used during the build but the outcome in my eyes were worth it.  I never would have built this kit if she didn't pick it.  So the truck is lowered, wheels and brakes from another revell kit, bumpers deleted, front fender bumper cut outs filled in, custom rear pan, engine wiring, battery wiring, generator wiried to a regulator, fuel lines, and starter wiring, all of which can be barely seen.  One thing I did learn during this build is not to paint an engine block black and use black wiring.  

As for the 20 year old paint can, I had to heat it up to build the pressure up for every coat.  I was very happy with the outcome though.  hope you like it.




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Customs aren't really my thing, but this turned out really well.  The color is great, and I like the engine details.  Looks like it should be at a car show.

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