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'56 Bel Air


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I bought this kit around 2002. I planned on working on it with my 2 year old daughter. Well, things didn't go as planned and I learned I need patience. So, In the closet it went. Fast forward to October 2016. I pulled it from the closet and gave it a revisit.


The more I fiddled with it the more I saw what I wanted to add or subtract. I wanted to do some things I've never done before like cut open the doors and trunk. Since I've never done these things before, this kit taught me quite a bit. The things I can do, the things I can't do and what to do when things go wrong. Lets get started...


I knew at the very minimum, I wanted this stance and these Boyd Wheels from the Shezoom kit. I love the look from this view.


To get the low rake in the front I flipped over the front spindles so they sit atop the frame rails instead of below. Then I smoothed out the firewall.


Then I deleted the emblems on the rear quarter, the hood and trunk. I also removed the door handles although this pic show them.


Then I added a new way to open the hood. It was stewing in my head for 3 days before I acted on it. It works pretty well. Also you see the spare HEMI that came with the Charger kit. I cut off the mopar transmission and mounted the GM one in place of it so the motor sits better. I also had to create motor mounts.


Next I cut off the doors and trunk. This is where I begin learning. Hinges are tricky and what I finally ended up with, I'm not entirely happy with. I was just tired of working this step over and over and trying every option over and over. I quickly began to realize that I've created multiple weak points because they kept snapping. It occurred to me that I saw a video once on youtube about repairing guitar nuts suing baking soda and super glue. This trick works very well for model kits too. It hardens like concrete.


Then I started thinking what if I made the lights functional. At this point I started thinking that I am never going to finish this kit.


As you can see, there is plenty of room in the engine bay of a shoebox for a HEMI.

Stay Tuned...



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I got the dash painted up and decided to light up the instruments.


Next I painted up the doors and engine. I wired it with some pieces I found in the jewelry making aisle in the craft store.


Then I built out the door. Keep in mind I've only built box stock models before and this is all new to me. Trial and error.


Testing the light in the dash. Also added a TV. Bonus points if you can name the movie.


After fighting with the paint (Rustoleum enamel) I finally ended up with something I can live with. Shown after applying Future.


Mounted the suspension


Added a switch for the electronics.


Hollowed out the grille

Stay Tuned...

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After months of working this paint job, I finally got something I can work with. This car has been stripped and repainted at least 4 times at this point.


Lights installed


BMF added and the interior installed/ First coat of Future has been layed at this point.


After the second coat of Future


Flip side. At this point, I am in a holding pattern until I can get my battery holder. This build has plenty of issues but as I said, I'm doing things here that I've never done before. I am extremely happy with the finish This is hands down the best paint I've ever layed -it's so deep. If you look at my other threads you will see what I mean. So far the body has snapped in multiple places and the finicky paint has cracked a bunch of times.

Stay Tuned...

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Well, sir, very nicely finished and the modifications will get easier the more you do them.  I love the lighting.  Where did you source your lighting kit from???  Looks so kool with the lights on!!! gb ????????

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Thanks guys!

Well, sir, very nicely finished and the modifications will get easier the more you do them.  I love the lighting.  Where did you source your lighting kit from???  Looks so kool with the lights on!!! gb ????????

Greg, not a lighting kit, just 5 LESs. 3 white and 2 red. Both are rated for 3V. If you run them in parallel (all + together and all - together) there is no problem.

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Thanks for the info on the lighting.  I think even I could pull that off so I think I'll try that out on a future build!!!?????????

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