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MPC 1/20 1970 AMX


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Hey all,,enjoy all the great builds here,,gotta be the best builders on the web today,,IMO.  A recent build of MPC's  1970 AMX.    I  built it  as a replica  of my Dads  69'   1:1  AMX,,same color+ stripes,,changed the rim highlights a bit,,did some accent painting on the bumpers + sidepipes,added the blower{ my Dads  was a 390  4 -speed  w/carbs ,},w/ dealer factory  "Go Package",,I remember always having to climb around  the rollbar  to get in back when dad  and me and my older brother would jump in for what my  Dad called  "  a  sunday drive"    lol.   And off  to    MIS  speedway  to watch  the early 70's  Trans-Am cars race,,,All the  ol"  Stangs,,Cudas,,Javlins,Camaros,  were there,,fun stuff.   That car  was a ground pounder,,As far as the kit  goes,,it was a bit of x-tra work  to  clean flashing on alot of the parts,,but it was worth it.  The working steering setup  works well,,and most of it  went together well.  Keep up the great works out there,,,S002_zpsl8ixomnz.jpg016_zpsotfddvhd.jpg004_zpslsocs7pg.jpg020_zpsfhhwsrjb.jpg015_zps6r4uxhir.jpg

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Looks great, how detailed was it from the box......anything like the Gremlin 1/20?

Hey  thanks DD,,it had a kit supplied roll bar,,which I ended  up  scratch building mine  I like radius style corners for the upper roll bar,,the kit had this  square looking deal,,And the motor wiring/plumbing  was added by me.  I also Sbuilt some headrests for the seats.   And the front lower bumper air splitter.  Most everything was pretty decent in detail,,I did have to clean quite a bit of flash off alot of the parts,,not a big deal though.  The front steering set up   works well,,a bit fragile,,but decent.  I havent built the 1/20th gremlin,,but that would be a fun one also.  It  also  comes w/2 sets  of rims,,,slot mags or the rallys,,which are the ones   I  used.    If you built the 1/20  Gremlin,,post a pic here,,Id  like to see it.   And if I dont get back right away in response,,its because Im limited on web time  these days.  Thanks again,,,S

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