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No decals. You can get some information on this kit from Harry P's book, page 57." Instead of trying to recreate the very thin dual black and red stripe look, I went with single, wide black stripes. I created all the stripes by masking the body panels with Scotch tape, and cutting the stripe shapes freehand with an X-acto. It wasn't easy to get the stripes perfect cutting the mask by hand, but I think I did pretty well."           Details on his build here:  http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/75837-1913-mercer-raceabout/

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I have seen Harry`s work before and am always impressed but I am somewhat short of Harry`s skills.

I have purchased some 2mm Tamiya tapes that may help me with the lines.

But at 85 my hands and eyes are not what they used to be so the outcome should be interesting.

Then again this could be a unique Mercer with a non line appearance.

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I have been a follower of this forum for some time but have never contributed but was sure my request for info would be good.

I have solved my problem of the stripes.....the trial looks good!  Using 2mm black pin stripe that I had used as a waterline mark on model ships.

This I cut with a scalpel into 1mm strips and did one mudguard! Looked good and much narrower than Harry`s.

Will post photo when I learn how to do it.

And finally I have to say how sorry I was to hear of Harry`s passing.....I purchased his book through Amazon today. 


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Here is the front fender with the trial of the striping. I think the smaller is more discreet .they will come off fo painting as I agree with Harry that a softer yellow will look better than the molding colour . Any suggestions?


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My experiment with the tape seemed ok so I decided to go that way. Splitting the tape was rather tedious but allowed different widths .

The tape held on well smoothing it out with cotton sticks. To make sure that the tape did not move anymore I sprayed the tape areas with

Long Life Floor polish.....Future is no longer available in Australia so this product has been used by modelers here with success.

It is milky in appearance but drys clear and has self leveling properties. 




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I forgot to mention that I painted the model with Tamiya Lemon Yellow X-8 before doing the stripes.

There was a bit of warp in the rear body section that I could not get out so I cut off the trailing pieces with a saw and rejoined them later.

To be expected seeing that it was probably packaged 50 odd years ago  and has laid side ways in the box.

I am always sorry to see the engine disappear under the bonnet after spending so much time crafting it. Here it is before going under.




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Getting towards the home run now..wheels ready and the brass still to come.I did not go for a wooden dash which I could have as I have plenty of wood from my boat building but decided to colour the kit  dash as close as I could to timber with paint.

It is unfortunate that Entex is no longer here as their range was so interesting.




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