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Revell 1/25 Expedition: Tyler, TX Police

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Outstanding. How did you make the light bar mounts?

After removing the mounting pins from the kit part, I cut a triangular shape from .01" styrene to create a completely flat underside for the main housing. You might be able to skip this step, but it provided more surface area to mount the scratchbuilt legs to.

I cut two 2.4 mm x 16 mm strips from .01" styrene, then trimmed a corner off one end.  Using the arrow stick portion as a reference, I butted the back end of each strip up against the arrow stick, with the outermost edges of the strip and arrow stick flush, and the trimmed corners at the front and faced inward.

I then cut the feet themselves from .06" channel (Evergreen 261).

The retaining hardware is a strip of BMF applied to the roof, then a chip of .01" styrene with a Grandt Line bolt (#5135) and a short length of unpainted .02" music wire.  For the next one I build, I will add a small strip of styrene to the underside of the horizontal legs to give the music wire a better spot to adhere to.

These mounting legs are a bit more squared off than the real thing, but it was fairly straight forward to build a symmetrical pair that looks better than the OOB Lindberg part.  I originally tried cutting/shaping some thin sheet brass to more closely represent the shape of the real mounts, but couldn't quite get a matching pair that I was satisfied with.


Thanks for looking-


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