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The very first Corvette


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The Chevrolet Corvette Prototype (GM intern EX-52) 1952 began its life as a scatch on a paper napkin. Shortly was introduced the First American Sport Car in the Motorama show in 1953. The car is existing still today but the engine was changed by Mr. Zora Duntov to a V8 engine. So the car to see today is the very first Corvette V8 !

I modified a Corvette 1953 Revell kit back to prototype: on outside was not very much to do. More differences were in the engine compartment. Here I got help with two photos from GM Media Archive.

Enjoy the pictures and any comments are welcome.


01 DSCN0018.jpg

02 DSCN0019.jpg

02 DSCN0044.jpg

03 DSCN0033.jpg

04 DSCN0030.jpg

03 DSCN0040.jpg

09 DSCN0027.jpg

05 DSCN0034.jpg

06 DSCN0035.jpg

07 DSCN0049.jpg

08 DSCN0024.jpg

09 DSCN0026.jpg


09 DSCN0028.jpg

09 DSCN0029.jpg


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Very nice model. I thought I was going to see the V8 modeled. Maybe some Corvette historian could fact or fiction this story. I have heard through the years that actual # 1 Corvette never made it out of the mold, They forgot to put the mold release and the body had to ground out of the mold. The first Corvette bodies were produced in Ashtabula, Ohio and this has been the story floating around Northeast Ohio since the 50's. Anyone care to add a few pennies to this.



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