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'68 Charger - Plum Crazy

Mahogany Rush

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My '68 Charger that I just finished. Nice kit, although I had a heck of a time with the front bumper/valance fitting. Had to use super glue on the 3 pieces to get it to stay. Not perfect fit, but I moved on...LOL.


I went with the Plymouth Plum Crazy paint and I really liked the way it came out. 3 light coats over the dark gray primer, then 3 light coats of Testor's One Coat clear. ;)


I went with the street version mostly, but stuffed the 426 Hemi in there and added some nice Mickey Thompson meats in the rear. Used the Mopar rims and some purple accents on the interior with Purple Embossing powder for the carpet. All in all, I think it came out pretty good. Hope you like it. Once again, much thanks to this board and it's members for the tips, tricks and projects posted. I read through this board a lot!







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Looks great! I have this one on the bench right now. Haven't started body work yet, but will watch for the front valence issue.



The valance is impossible to dry fit which created my issue. The crossmember valance (I call it) gets glued in first. Make sure it is far enough back because when you put on the body valance/bumper combo it can hit and make it come unglued. If I did it all over again, I would super glue the crossmember valance, let it really set. Then glue the body valance/bumper with regular clear glue (Tamiya Cement) and let it dry for a day or so. When you place it in it has to fit under the fender headlight cutouts and miss the crossmember valance at the same time as well as having regular glue on it. By using regular glue on the bumper part, it will be a little flexible. Too much pressure and it will come apart (like mine did 4 times!). Patience grasshopper, patience. Good luck, I am sure you will get it done right.

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