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1968 Shelby Mustang finally finished!


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Hi all, well after about two years I finally finished my model. This is probably the best level I have done. I bought a compressor to do air brush painting, chrome marker for window trim. Stuff I never did before. Undercarriage is based on some stock looks when they resprayed at the Shelby facilities. Still had some funky stuff with fitting things (hood warped, body doesn't fit exactly flush on passenger side, etc...) But overall, very pleased on final results. Of course I love to take photos so here they are!










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What is next - the resin convertible transkit from HRM?  It uses the far superior AMT 67 Shelby chassis.


WOW! You know, I was almost going to attempt some sort of convertible from my kit. but chickened out. THIS is what I'd LOVE to make. Cause my old neighbor actually OWNED this one. A 1968 Shelby GT350 convertible in black.

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Very nice. Great paint and you even got the stripes correct.  Not much of a fan of green cars but you got this done up nicely. 

I had the same problem with the hood being wonky, I used a hairdryer on lowest setting and slowly reshaped mine. The grill and bumper...well that's another story. After using my dremmel to do allot of cutting, sanding etc was able to get the inner tub to fit correctly.  Even with all the problems this car is worth the effort.

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