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Wilhelms Wonder is one of the ones I want. Built it when I was a kid. Those chrome fins really struck me as "boss"! Uh, that's a word that was popular then.

Joe Wilhelm's shop was on Stockton Ave., in San Jose, CA. I used to spend lotsa time there, late '50s thru the '60s. The "Wonder" was unfinished in bare metal, and was being 'worked'. I couldn't for the life of me understand what he was trying to do with that cherry 'T' body!

Some guys loved it...

Also in his shop was Cliffy Inman's '57 Chrysler. (an already black car, dropped low...) Cliffy was from Willow Glen, (a posh neighborhood within San Jose's City limits) and was downtown every night, cruising the Main, and John's Drive In. He had Toupal's Auto Upholstery do his interior, and dropped the seat 4"...he sat loooow, and I used to rib him: "Cliffy, why don't you chop the top and lose some of that headroom?"

He finally did, and Joe Wilhelm chopped it 3-1/2", had it in the shop for over a year. Car first had a '63 Grand Prix CONCAVE-GLASS rear window, but that got changed before the car was painted, and went on the show circuit. Cliffie NEVER cruised the Main again, garaged the car until he sold it, Harrah's had it in their museum for 12 years, then sold it in a package deal with the original James Dean Merc!

Street Rods West brokered the deal, and a West Coast Show Promoter got the Inman Chrysler. (he had the 392 Hemi replaced with a 440!)

Street Rods West was 3 blocks from my shop, and owner Brian Burnett (of "Deucari" fame) had me come over, pick up the James Dean Merc, and take it back to my shop and put a new clutch in it!

Sorry for the 'long story', but these cars are what make me build models of them!!!

Very nice, by the way, of you fellas to study up and get the info on this stuff...It's like a compliment to where we were, and what we were doing. It takes dedication to research history that you've only seen in pictures, then go ahead and replicate it!

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Uncle Mike , you keep telling those stories . People see me with my gasoline pump models and they say Ed aher you get youre information? I tell them man when youv'e been driving as long as I have lived in so many places, worked for the scum bags i've worked for... hey ya'll get the picture. As to Chevrolets I beleive back in the day , the "Early A M T " company did some 1928 Chevrolets as a promotion to the dealer net work I 'm probably wrong but I beleive Dennis Doty did a story on these cars once. I too was a fan of the M P C company especially since they stole the most talented employees when they started as a model company. Any one who built the A M T 1928 Ford Model A sedan eas building a M P C kit I'd like to have that one back. M P C 's Mako- Shark was a memorable piece for me too. Either way, the combined inventory that I believe that exsists in some form would bring a lot of joy to all of us, Hey I want a 61 Buick Special Station wagon A M T!

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