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34 Ford Coupe A/A

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I am happy to announce that, for the first time in 15 or 16 years, I have completed a model! Revell's SnapTite '34 coupe is one of my favorite kits. Inspired by the Mooneyham/Sharp 554 coupe, the 7-11 coupe and the original 15 Oz. coupe, I built this in an attempt to capture the spirit of those cars, in scale. I think I just might have pulled it off! Is the model perfect? Not even close. Even going through these photos, I've noticed a couple of things I need to clean up. It's built to comply with NHRA's 1960 rules for A/A. I drew on my memories of some old businesses from the town where I went to high school, (and attended my first several drag races) for the "Thanks to:" list. Conrad's Engine Service is an ongoing tribute to my Dad. This is the first time I've made a set of decals that actually look decent. I made them all, except for the smaller contingency type decals and the skull.

The interior is paneled in aluminum sheet, the roll bar, seat and dash are all scratchbuilt. There's not just a Hydro-Stick decal on the car--I scratchbuilt a Hydro-Stick shifter for the interior. The scoop is hand formed from .005" aluminum flashing. The tach was turned on the lathe. The front splash aprons were formed from "Tooling Aluminum", available from many craft stores. I burnished the tooling aluminum sheet over the molded in plastic aprons on another kit I have. Once they were formed and trimmed to shape, I used an awl, to create the screw heads that hold the aprons on. After all these years, it's great to finally have something new in my display case! I feel like I accomplished exactly what I set out to: A bitchin' '34 Ford coupe, that's the essence of the three iconic cars named above. Hope you guys like it, too! Comments and criticisms are welcome!










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Hi Dan,

Looks killer !!  Captures the era as you always do in your builds ...... Now I am curious about this snap kit, so it is worth buying?


Hey Alan! Thanks, man! There's no engine, but, I love the kit! I've built two of them, and have another one I started several years ago. Revell's SnapTite '70 Chevelle is worth having, too.


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Thank you, everyone, for your kind words! Chris, it feels great, to finally finish a project, again! Bernard, you indeed said those last few items would really make it complete, and you were so right! It was after that, I decided to take a stab at those splash aprons. Really glad I did those! John, I appreciate that, a lot. I strive to achieve something realistic, with my projects. I spend a lot of time and effort researching the elements that go into a build. Thankfully, with the internet, that's much easier! Case in point: B&M's Hydro Stick was introduced in 1960. I was a little reluctant to use it, here, until I red that it was being developed in '59. That prompted me to go with it. Bill, you should dig that project out! It's a great kit for building something that captures a feeling or look, without going totally nuts on it!

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