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2 hours ago, Bugatti Fan said:

Dale King. Now there is a blast from the past! His Cooper scratch built is also a sight to behold. I can remember an old car modelling book by Robert Schleicher that featured a scratch built Fiat sports car and a highly detailed Tamiya Porsche by Dale. Is he still building models?

The Schleicher book was a real inspiration for me as well to scratch build models.  Dale's model building pace has slowed unfortunately but he is still an inspiration.

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Your Cooper is fantastic. Wonderful job. I really enjoyed watching it come together. I like the last photo with the Lotus XI. Not many cars are dwarfed by a Lotus XI, but the Cooper looks absolutley tiny. Thanks for sharing your great build.

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Gracias. Saw several running together at the Barber track in Alabama a few years ago. Yes they are small and they sound like a huge swarm of ANGRY bees ...

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On 3/10/2021 at 2:24 PM, absmiami said:

So DustyMojave posted the following on this thread way back in Aug 2017 :  

"Another model builder I know, Dale King, grew up near Harry's store and as a young man built a very detailed larger scale model of Harry's Cooper, going to Harry's house to take measurements and pictures. Awesome model."

Well I can now complete the circle - as I have Dale king's permission to post pix of his amazing 12th scale Cooper - and yes it is a true - old school - scratch-build ...

- he sort of instigated my fool's errand in 24th scale ...


bare frt w.jpg

bare side w.jpg

Coop frt w.jpg

That Cooper of Dale's is an awesome piece of scratch building. I met Dale many years ago. Then later learned that he had made that Cooper from hanging out at Harry Morrow's book shop Autobooks and getting to know him closely and getting 1st hand access to the Cooper in Harry's garage. Still in business, although Harry was an elderly man when I bought my 1st model kit from him in 1960, but still racing his Cooper often. I used to see #5 on the track at Willow Springs and Riverside and Pomona quite often as I was growing up involved in SCCA sports car racing. Autobooks is a place now popular with folks like Jay Leno. Some time after I met Dale, I learned that he was longtime best friends with my wife's cousin Henry Gonzalez. When I started dating my wife in 1981, Henry was working at Brick Price Movie Miniatures, a place I visited then to talk to Brick about using my skills at metal spraying and mold making to build some C130 airplane miniatures to be crashed and come apart realistically for a movie project. That movie never happened. But I got a personal tour of some of Brick's beautiful scratch built models in various scales, although he told me that when he built for something he wanted to build, he preferred 1/14 scale, which is a scale I've heard of some other master builders using.

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