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K&R Kustoms+Rods 33/36 Coupe -update Halloween

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Time to start (or drag out a started) new project. This is a build KK and I started about 3 years ago when I was up at his place. We took the AMT 1936 five window coupe, hacked off the greenhouse and grafted on the chopped 3 window greenhouse from the AMT 1936 coupe. So, now I am attempting to get this going again. I made some relief cuts in the rear trunk area and tucked the trunk in a bit to give it a more '32 look (done in 1:1 scale by Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop). I have been mocking up a blown Y-Block engine for it. The plan is to make the front end somewhat '36ish by using '36 hood sides (from the Revell kit) and the AMT custom grille piece which will be heavily modified to look somewhat like a track nose...stay tuned...   -RRR (& KK)











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If you are planning to maintain that super low stance you must be planning a deeply channeled interior floor plan.That will probably will also include a radical frame kick up right behind the seats.I am not suggesting that you do any of these things but thinking out loud about what I would do.I love the precision of your slices and dices on the panel fits.Great inspiration for those of us that prefer to build these iconic cars from the 1920's and '30's.

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I haven't posted up progress pix on this one for a long time. Progress has been slow, motivation has been slight. I decided to use the AMT '33 five window coupe frame. I cut out all of the floorboards, cleaned it up, bobbed the rear rails and kicked them up. I added a tranny/driveshaft tunnel to the interior tub. Rear axle housing has been fabbed up, will be using a QC rear end with a Model T spring and a Model A spring perch. Last night I started '36ing the '33 hood... -RRR





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Looking really good. I've noticed you doing this on other models, I like how you blend the corners of the floor into the firewall to eliminate the void. I also see what you did with the bottom of the cowl. Very clever!


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