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2016 Toyota GT86

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2016 GT86, box stock of course, I did mess with the ride height a bit, not happy with that part, paint is Subaru C7P Lightning Red and a coat of clear syrup.  Wheels were stripped of their chrome and painted TS Black and AlClad Polished Aluminum.  Since this is an Arizona car, it got the windows tinted.  


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Very nice, Jonathan. Aoshima, I guess? Nice and clean and a very zingy red, for a change. Most all the GT86s round here are black, though I have seen the special orange/copper colour once.

Great job!

All the best,


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Looks pretty darn sweet!! .....great job on that tint!, it can sometimes be tricky to spray...especially from a can like I do. This car looks a heck of a lot like Subaru's BRZ.  Keep up the great builds!   Oh, and on another note, just wanted to thank you for the videos you did  on the Pagani Huayra, with your help, I think I have the fitment issues fixed without leaving parts out!! Wish I had the patience to do videos like you. Much appreciated!!

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That's a very clean and crisp build. 

Nice shine on the paint, too.

 I like the way Toyota gave this car the same tyre size as the Prius; so it would hang it's ass out, in hard cornering!

I like that kinda philosophy ?

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