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Hasegawa '72/'73 Bmw 2002tii

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Wow that looks fantastic! I'm not a fan of European or Japanese cars but it's always great to see a model that's built as nicely as this. Everything seems to be just spot on, my favorite touch is definitely the rubber seals next to the chrome trim... Great job.

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Did you carve out the Driver's side window?  I have several of these and I have ordered Zero Paints in '70's BNW colors:  Malaga (Burgundy), Nevada (grey-green tan), Atlantik (Navy Blue), Golf (Chrome Yellow), Agave (dark Green) and Chaminix (White).  My 73 tii is Atlantik and I will have to scratch Recaros for it.  I am going Nevada on the ti kit which is an early 2002.

Ideally, I would have liked to seen the glass done in 2 pieces, windshield vent windows and read and rear quarter windows to allow a view of the interior (with door handles) and some treatment of the headliner.

Otherwise this is a great and accurate kit.  The ti has the chrome hubcaps and the rally car includes a these, though not used.  So my copy of the rally kit will donate the hubcaps to one of the my tii's.  The FPS alloys were a dealer option. The tii has had these clipped from the chrome.  The chrome sprue also has both the early trapezoid mirrors and the later 'flag' mirrors wand both long and short bumpers.



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