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'57 Chevy "Slambo"

Mahogany Rush

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Picked up this kit on sale because I wanted to do a tri-five Chevy and this 57 looked like a good kit. Normally I don't like 2n1's, 3n1's,  etc., but this wasn't too confusing. I got my inspiration from "Black Betty" (pictured below) but I flipped the colors as I don't want to do a gloss black car yet! Colors are Rustolem Cranberry and Rustoleum Gloss Black with 2 coats of Rustoleum Gloss Clear. All said, it was a good kit with no real fit issues. I kept the stock engine in this one, but I did want to put it in the weeds. I flipped the front end and gained what I was looking for. In the back, I just made little bump stop lifts to raise the axle. It doesn't drag the ground, but I tried smaller wheels that looked too small for the car, so I used the ones that came it the kit. Not a huge fan of "slammed" cars in real life, but I switched from making this a gasser once I opened it. Maybe next time. Thanx for looking.



















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Thanx for the replies. The Rustoleum dries fairly quickly for me, in California. First time using the Rustoleum Clear though and I was impressed with the shine. The BMF needs to be thinner around the windows, now that I studied the pics. Tried using Aluminum BMF for the fins and Chrome BMF for all the trim, but the aluminum just wasn't sticking enough for me. Plus it didn't look that much different in the end. No pics of interior, I forgot. It is two-tone as well. No pics of engine because it was nothing special, no wiring etc.


Any recommendations for a 55 (post) kit or a 56 (post) kit? Don't like the hardtops.

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Really nice looking 57, especially like the color scheme.  AMT had a '55 Sedan kit and Revell offered a '56 DelRay sedan, don't know how readily available they are at the present, both were released 15 or more years ago.

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