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1970 Ford Galaxie Police Car - Las Vegas version question

El Caballo

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I have the AMT 1970 Ford Galaxie police car kit and I want to make it in the Las Vegas version. There aren't many stickers for this version which is fine, but there isn't anything in the kit that tells you where to put the numbers for the squad car. I have looked at the pictures on the internet for "Diamonds are Forever" cop cars, but since it is all night time scenes it is really hard to see where the number might be. I think there is a number on the passenger side trunk near the tail light, correct me if I'm wrong. If anyone out there knows the correct location of the squad car numbers, please let me know.

1970 cop front.png

1970 cop rear.png

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Closest reference I could find readily is a '76 Plymouth.  Probably typical graphics for the 70's as graphics didn't change much in those days.



Looks like the unit number (or, car number) may be on the trunklid above the right taillight, as well as on the roof.

Anybody else?


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Related image

1970. Unit number on the left front and right rear. 

The Chevy behind it is a Metro car from the mid 90's.

Related image

Same basic emblem, just says "Metropolitan Police" instead of "City of Las Vegas Police"

Clark County Sheriffs and LV City merged in 1973 to become the LV Metropolitan Police.


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