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On 11/1/2017 at 6:36 PM, Eshaver said:

I was given a partly built one of these by member Mark Orr. I still am in search of a complete kit or at least the Rear bubble top to complete the one I have .

Futuresta POP 1965.jpg

I was so happy to see it go to a good home...that needs to happen to them plus it makes the world a little better of a place in the end for someone and that is much better than money.   I have many grails so its very hard for me to pick the top one but they all mean something special to me in my hear even though I know Ill probably never have them..or enough of them to make one with....LOL....

Monogram U-Real Roller show rod kit..was the first ever kit I built with my dad.

Monogram large scale funny car Mean Maverick

MPC 68,69 Bonnevilles

MPC 69-72 Grand Prixs..even the custom ones

Normatt Winnebago Motorhome

Johan 67,68,69,70 Cadillac Coupe DeVille HTs

MPC 71-75 Dodge vans

MPC 70,71 Mercury Cyclone Spoilers

MPC Fast ones series snap kits...70 GTO..70 Grand Prix..etc.

AMT 70/71 Ford LTD 4 door HT

AMT 70/71 Pontiac Ventura/Sprint

Johan 66 Chrysler 300 HT

MPC 70? 1/20th scale 2wd Ford vans

MPC/AMT 69 Impala HT

These are on top of my grail list anyway.





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Never had a specific Holly Grail kit, but have had Holy Grail cars I've wanted kits of - the Cheetah and Mirage M6 racing cars. Picked up a Historic Racing Minatures Cheetah a couple of years ago. A defunct company called Toj used to make a Mirage, but I could never find one. Recently, DDP out of Italy have started producing the Mirage in 1/24 scale. Now, I just need to work them into my build schedule.



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On 3/21/2020 at 11:13 AM, unclescott58 said:

I have four more to add to my list. 1. The AMT '32 Ford two-door sedan that came originally in the double kit with the '40 Willys coupe. As much as I love the '32 grille and grille shell, I really like the Edsel grille on that one. 2. The Monogram Mean Maverick. I got one for Christmas one year ('71 or '72). And I loved it! 3. Monogram's original, molded in green, Poison Pinto. Another great Danials' design. 4. Another Monogram kit. Their Mercedes Benz 450SL. I don't understand why this kit was never reissued after the 1970's? It was a simple, but very nice kit. 

Heck, lets make the model car list an even ten. (Well, kind of, as you'll see.) 10. Any of the JoHan Oldies series of models reissued in the 1970's. Look what was included in the group. The '60 DeSoto 2-door hardtop and Plymouth station wagon. The '62 Dodge Dart 440 and Plymouth Fury. In both 2-door hardtops and convertibles. The '62 Chrysler 300H hardtop. And the '66 AMC Marlin. All of those kits belong on my "holy grain" list. 

And last, not a car kit. But, very desirable kit in another realm. Revell's Space Station kit from '59. A poor seller at the time. Revell later destroyed the molds. Today it's a very sought after. And very expensive.  

Can knock the the Mercedes 450 SL off of the above list. Found a mint one on eBay in the last week or so. 


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I don't really have one specific holy grail, but there are a few I'm looking for. All of these I built as a kid in the '80s, in some cases badly, and I'd like another crack at them.

Revell 1/25 "Magnum PI" Ferrari 308

Entex 1/20 Mazda RX-3

Entex 1/20 VW Rabbit 4 door

Tamiya 1/24 Honda Prelude XX

Tamiya 1/24 Honda City with Motocompo scooter

MPC 1/25 El Camino "Red Light Bandit"

EDIT: Oh, and the MPC "V.I.N.CENT" robot model from Disney's The Black Hole.

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I suppose that a "Holy Grail" kit would naturally change over time as they are acquired.

I have had several over the past few years, and as I built them and crossed them off of the list, others have taken their place.


A few years ago, the Johan '68 Olds 442 was not really even on my radar, as there were far too many others preceding it.

A couple of years ago I began to understand the rarity of this kit, but never expected that there was much of a chance of ever finding one let alone being able to afford it if I did.

That changed with a "by chance" trade with another member of this board.

I became completely engrossed with the '68 442 as I threw myself into that build, and even though I had never really given a second glance to that particular car, I now find that I have a real fondness for it.

I guess that you could say that it "grew on me". ;)


Now that this "Holy Grail" is finished, the next one to pop up might be either an MPC '71 Dodge Demon, or '71 Mercury Cyclone, or one of a small handful of others, including one that I already have that is towards the top of the build list.......the MPC 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T.









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On 11/3/2017 at 12:05 AM, ChrisBcritter said:

Santa baby,

I want a Buddy L Texaco...

You know

With all accessories shown

Santa baby... hurry down my chimney tonight!


Thank goodness I have (or have had) pretty much every car kit I want. Between my blueprints and the MRC kit I could scratchbuild one, but it would still be fun to have the original.

I built my Buddy L Texaco piece by piece. Many stabs at Ebay to get the parts.

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On 3/15/2020 at 11:29 AM, Pete J. said:

I finally found one of these and paided stupid money for it.  I wanted to make my first car which was a 69 notch back(aka coupe).  This kit has the option  to build a stock version.  Apparently Revell reconfigured the mold to make the later fastback so it has never been reissued.  

Boxart '69 Mustang 1261 Revell

Revell turned this kit into a funny car. Not that funny, I may add as all the stock parts went missing afterwards.

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On 3/19/2020 at 12:05 AM, PowerPlant said:

I just realized I posted in this topic almost two and a half years ago, and I am happy to say that as of recently I have both of these in my stash :D

I guess that's it for me buying kits, at least for the time being, which is just as well considering the apocalypse ?


2 weeks ago, I won on ebay the Italeri Ferrari 250 SWB for € 21,50 (about 24 $), factory sealed (!) and Fujimi's Enthusiast Model Dino 246 GTS for € 10,00 (untouched!) -

so both together for € 40 including postage (which comes to around $ 45,00), and the seller brought them with his car to my door (lives only 15 mls. away)

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I got in two of my "Holy Grail" projects.

Jo-Han 1964 Chrysler 300 convertible:


MPC 1968 DODGE Coronet convertible:


Both need work, and have missing parts, but I've been after these for many moons!!

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On ‎11‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 1:44 PM, waynehulsey said:

Trying to think if anymore there's anything that would get me really crazy. The only one really popping up is a resin kit: Duryea 1895 that was done by a company called Genesis. It was in the group of stuff I had stolen a couple of years ago. The company I guess folded up fairly quickly and only ever seen one for sale. Unfortunately it was already sold and it was mine. When I checked the buyer's listing he had about 10 other (most fairly obscure) kits from my stolen stuff for sale. E-bay wouldn't do anything, neither would the small town police department, yes still somewhat upset and bitter about the whole situation. For a plastic kit, maybe a AMT 58 Ford, but got more then enough to last the rest of my life at the tectonic rate I build at.

Bought one of these when they were first for sale by Genesis in Tampa, FL. I still have not finished it. The front axle is so weak that I will have to use a wire to keep it from bending. Most of the parts have voids in them that must be filled to be able to finish it. The small parts, such as steering mechanism, are so small and thin I have not yet removed the flashing. The wheel spokes are all different diameters and have required sanding to make them uniform. Some parts are soft and some really brittle. This appears to be the only model Genesis issued. I can see why they stopped production. I will eventually finish it. I'm probably too dumb to just scrap it.

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Hello all , i found the holy grail kit about ten years ago, at a truck race on the racing circuit of Le Mans ( France ) . I can tell you   i bought it immediately, i never thought of finding one again, a day. I have built this rig, a first time, when i was 13 years old , i loved the look of the Transtar 2 and it’s still my favorite today. Maybe there has been a reissue since ?               Philippe.


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I just don't get chance to build models or much else geniunely recreational any more. But my holy trio would be these (I'd paint the Bandit a deep metallic blue like the Hot Wheels one and the one I built years ago):

REVELL ORANGE CRATE 1932 Ford Sedan Vintage 1/25 Extremely Rare ...



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On 4/14/2020 at 4:44 PM, Bob Ellis said:

Revell turned this kit into a funny car. Not that funny, I may add as all the stock parts went missing afterwards.

Yes they are hard to find and usually not cheap.  I bought the 69 a long time ago and the 70 at NNL East a few years ago. The Twister is a restored glue-bomb as was the 68 Mach1 show car.  I have seen some fairly low and high prices on the 71/72 AMT or MPC Mustang sportsroof kits.  Only a few versions have Mach1 decals and I do not I ever paid more than $50 for a mint kit.  Neither the AMT or MPC 1973 versions come with any Mach1 decals much less the correct ones for that year.


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On 4/25/2020 at 4:14 PM, DonW said:

I just don't get chance to build models or much else geniunely recreational any more. But my holy trio would be these (I'd paint the Bandit a deep metallic blue like the Hot Wheels one and the one I built years ago):



There are a BUNCH of Miss Deals on eBay right now, at very reasonable prices. No excuse not to own one if you want one. B)

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Well thanks Snake I just might!


Oop - I just looked and they're all in the US.  Postage to the UK is around $60.

But maybe one will turn up for sale in the UK 'cos now I really want one! ?

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Still my 'Holy Grail' kits for 25+ years now.

Trying to piece together a facsimile of the MPC King 'T' from re-issued parts and Model 'T' kits. Would love a complete original.

I have a glue bomb original-issue AMT '59 Buick hardtop car that I'm trying to turn into a custom. Would like a decent Trophy Jr. or "Boondock Bomber" kit or car for a clean stock build.

I have a glue bomb SMP '60 El Camino with complete kit and box that I'm trying to get back in shape into a presentable stocker. I'd still like an unmolested body.




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Mine is the Morris Marina by Airfix, I have three of the real ones! The kit turns up on ebay sometimes but go for silly money and they are only 1/32 scale. I read that the moulds were destroyed a long time ago from a train accident apparently when being transported somewhere.



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