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1933 Bugatti 50 T - Heller's classic 1/24 kit after fixing (hopefully all) its conspicuous shortcomings


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Being a serious Bugatti fan I can say you did a great job of the Heller. If you are interested I will be producing a resin conversion for the Surprofilee'. It will include modified Fenders and body shell. I also have some very nice T50 wheels which I will be selling which were mastered by Vince Lobosco and further modifed by me. I should have them ready early next year. I sell on Ebay user name - Modelmartin

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Thanks for the response!



I have one of those in the rebuild pile. I may come to you J­urgen for advice. Yours is stunning.


Pat, thanks for the picture. It shows very clearly what I said about the stance and the rims.




Excellent build! I also have one and recently started polishing the body to prepare it for paint. After reading about your build, I will do it differently than O planned. Did you make the wheels yourself or is there some company that makes them? Thanks for sharing your great car!

Howard, to my knowledge there were no aftermarket rims but note Andy's (Modelmartin's) post below (appr. post #25). As mentioned making the six rims was a challenge. IMO it cannot be done without a small lathe. The polished aluminum appearance can be achieved easily by spraying Molotow chrome paint directly from the refill bottles.

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Thanks for the comments!



Not only do you build fantastic models but your photography is outstanding. How do you make the background disappear?

Phil, I use an improvised "photographer's tent" made from scrap tubes and an old white bedsheet. Usually I light the bedsheet from outside, if necessary I put two small lamps inside that light the bedsheet only (but not the model directly). Base/background is one single large sheet of white Bristol paper (drawing cardboard). On pictures the strong contrast between model and paper makes the white base/background disappear completely.



Beautiful Jurgen, how about a motor shot?

IMO not perfectly aligned bonnets/doors/trunk lids or varying gaps spoil otherwise nice models. Therefore I use to build almost all my models as curbsides with glued bonnets, doors and trunk lids. When I want to show a detailed engine/gearbox I display it separately. Sometimes I build an additional detailed chassis.

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Simply outstanding finish to a challenging and flawed kit. I'm building the Heller 1/24 Delahaye 135mm. It has the same front axle too high

issue? Can I ask how you solved this on the Bugatti? This would be greatly appreciated! Thank You

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