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Monogram Beer Wagon Build Review Tom Daniel Tribute Build


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Great job on an old classic. I love just about anything that Tom Daniel designed. I own and have built several of his kits over the years. My last TD Beer Wagon, I got specific Mountain Dew decals designed for the kit. Painted it a very nice metallic green. And wa-lah, I have a very nice Mack for hauling my favorite beverage around (at least in my imagination). 

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I have a cherry built-up kit in my collection, I enjoy a fair amount of the Tom Daniels designed kits. Even though you can't see much of the engine, I decided the valve covers needed to be replaced with some more realistic pieces, and added a bit more of detailing/ wiring,  to the engine ( I had to enlarge the side openings in the hood just a bit for the new valve covers ) , and used thin strips of chrome tape to detail the beer barrel straps. This is one of those cars that, even amongst a handful of other cars in a display, people always stop to look at.

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Nice Scott. Plus Dew. Basic food group. I've got one in progress that I closed up hood and sides, pipes up behind cab. 

Also have a semi Mack flatbed in progress with huge Maisto wheels. Big Beer. Long road ahead, but fun. May drop regular BW onto flatbed

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When I was doing my post doc, I'd carry a giant 1liter trigonal sterile fluid measuring beaker filled with ice and diet Dew on rounds and on call. Looked like several bodily fluids depending on ice/drink mix. More thought it funny and gross than just gross. I just used it as it was biggest cup in hospital, and had a nice lid for suction that doubled as a straw holder. 

I've used bits of those things on builds over the years. 

Someone used to have nice Xmas Budweiser decals for the BW, real 50's looking stuff, and one cute santa's helper. ePay. ANyone else seen those??

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