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Decided to build a chevy since I’ve been on a Ford kick lately. Was going to turbo the car, but decided to go with nitrous. Back halved the car, using a BNL resins BBC, with an auto trans. Got it mocked up except for the headers. Once they are out of the way, time to build a roll cage. 






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Worked on the Impala today. Got the chute mounted on the bumper. Did some work on the roll bar. I started to play around with solder headers on the kit 396 engine. Wanted to practice before messing with the resin engine, since I’ve never done solder headers before. I have .062, but it looks kind of small for a big block, so I’m going to get some .093 solder, and see how that works. Also scratch built an auto shifter, and a couple of pics of the electric fuel pump, and NOS kit I’ll be using from VCG resin.







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6 hours ago, Dr Cobra said:

Is that a chassis cert sticker on your cage ? Does someone make them in scale?

Yes it is. I also have an SFI decal on the bell housing of the TH400. Slixx decals is where I got it. They have goody sheets that have many racecar decals, from nostalgia, to modern styles. NHRA, chassis cert, chutes, blowers, NOS. Check out their website. 

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