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long time lurker. finally registered

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hello.  after lurking for a few years i finally decided to join.  when i was a kid...about 1980 or so  my parents took me to a new store that opened and while walking through the toy section i was amazed at all the model  kits,  not so much the planes and ships, i had known about them for a bit but the trucks ! dumps, snowplows,bulldozers and big rigs. my father bought me the cat bulldozer but i was i no way ready for it. years later i was involved the 1/87 and still model quite a bit in that scale. but as of late i have been buying all the truck reissues from round 2 along with a dm800 ,autocar dump and ford snowplow, hoping to finally build the ones i wanted as a kid but lacked the skill or  couldnt afford. looking forward to getting started and finding lots of info and ideas here. 

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On 12/3/2017 at 12:00 PM, Renegade said:

Welcome Brian. There is no shortage of info and ideas here. Also lots of members ready and willing to help with anything you need.

What he said, welcome Brian

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