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55 Bel Air mild custom. (New pics Jan 11th)


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I've had this on my shelf for a couple of years, always planning to build it stock.

But I found a flame mask I bought a while back and I've got an urge to try it out.

I found some deep steel wheels, in my parts box and some nice tyres, too.

 I'm using the custom suspension included in the kit and I don't think I'll need to cut it about to get the ride height I'm after.


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I sprayed the roof/rear section mica white, then added a drop or two of the purple I'm using for the flames. I got a nice lilac mauve pearl colour, which will contrast nicely, with the purple flames.

 I really wish I'd got an airbrush, years ago...I love it!



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Very nice color combo is looking good!!!  I'm anxious to see how the flame mask works.  I love flames but I've never tried to do them myself...????????

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I've been itching to get home this evening and do the flames.

They were relatively easy to apply. The only tricky bit, is lining up the two side panels, with the one on the hood.

I think I could have got better adhesion from the mask, if I'd given the colour coat a bit of clear. The slightly grainy surface of the mica paint, made it difficult to get some of the edges to stick.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the results. I'll need to touch-up a couple of spots, but it's nothing major. 





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1 hour ago, Greg Pugh said:

I've heard some horror stories when it comes to those flame masks but you seem to have had a pretty good go at it. Looks great!

Thanks Greg

It's a bit daunting, at first. Knowing that if you place it incorrectly, you won't get a second chance.

However, as the mask is sort of transparent, lining it up with reference points, such as the hood centre and edges, is actually quite easy.

I think I might have to tape some edges and tidy up a couple of places with the airbrush.

 I was considering brushing on some of the lilac, to cover the purple overspray, but I think masking and spraying will probably be a better idea.

 I would recommend these masks. 

So much easier than making your own.


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3 hours ago, El Caballo said:

Are you going to pinstripe the flames?

Thanks everyone



 I don't know. I'm worried I might lose the clean edge. Also, the pinstripes would need to be extremely fine, to be in scale.

could be done with tape, but I'm not sure it needs it.

What colour do you think I should use, if I pinstripe the flames?

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