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Completed builds 2017 - variety is the spice of life!


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Same output as last year, this time 25 kits from 9 different manufacturers.

Gunze Sangyo Karmann Ghia, lowrider styleP1070486.thumb.JPG.74bb19ea6613d364573c0527da5804db.JPG

AMT1951 ChevyP1070593.thumb.JPG.0831ad2f67c7a1f0559787017565a10d.JPG

Revell AG Mercedes SLR, winner of 1955 Mille Miglia driven by Stirling MossP1070606.thumb.JPG.aba072254d81d3921665e3d71af51659.JPG

1928 Model A Roadster with Tamiya Jag engine and parts from many other kitsP1070633.thumb.JPG.ccfb539d5298a5390fcbc0b99c61f657.JPG

Revell 1964 Chevy lowriderP1070677.thumb.JPG.46b3f777e7af5ac44a7c5730bdc2f24f.JPG

Revell Ford Pop, lowered stanceP1070684.thumb.JPG.61e645a0f5631c6b9ed8f8ffd24aa049.JPG

Revell RMS CamaroP1070713.thumb.JPG.dfe2386229fba0a2cc7333a48a34713f.JPG

Trumpeter 1964 Falcon SpeedsterP1070726.thumb.JPG.be2d264f5a7b9a871e42eeab803deaaf.JPG

Lindberg Custom Van converted to a sedanP1070750.thumb.JPG.6067717db623852cd1d84597ac8aa9e0.JPG

Revell AG McLaren 570P1070769.thumb.JPG.00fee7aae34967cf3be523c4af5c74ce.JPG

Revell Corvette C7.RP1070785.thumb.JPG.86eaca7e31cfbf0c7ea29cfa7ed2ee26.JPG

Revell Foose FD100P1070835.thumb.JPG.aa00387bd96754915bae42681e22f85c.JPG

Aoshima Pagani HuayraP1080007.thumb.JPG.154fb7337813c7f3ce94ea107a1460c8.JPG

Revell 1962 Corvette Gasser, lowered stanceP1080060.thumb.JPG.518044c38929feea0f5d777147c3d28e.JPG

Revell AG Mercedes SLSP1080081.thumb.JPG.12f396af20fa8ba0f3f1977ed69a90b1.JPG

Revell/AMT Escort XR3i, replica of my daily driver in years gone byP1080097.thumb.JPG.b7ee619d6214e4f945d7e158c87fdff3.JPG

Another FooseP1080139.thumb.JPG.7ea013e86f00d99101fc3445039591bc.JPG

Fujimi Ferrari 458P1080159.thumb.JPG.1a9f58a2724c5f047770845ceaf5ff8c.JPG

Custom AMT 1960 StarlinerP1080173.thumb.JPG.253d11e563deeb867275f56a4582336e.JPG

AMT Wagonrod with added windowsP1080192.thumb.JPG.bbeda0345d98b4b8427545d8f4aa472b.JPG

Revell 1965 ChevyP1080202.thumb.JPG.e504225feab4908cd56a63fef935b166.JPG

Fujimi Mercedes SLS GT3 with Studio 27 decalsP1080214.thumb.JPG.e3c720a4c6141daa5ab42b747787599d.JPG

MPC Dodge A100P1080219.thumb.JPG.014b84980abe2f06422825cb7dbbdd44.JPG

Revell 1940 Ford CoupeP1080222.thumb.JPG.fa4a2fe9e9a156f3ce64bb28f2d1954f.JPG

AMT 1962 Pontiac Catalina , lowrider styleP1080253.thumb.JPG.9bd37120a805f34675e13cc7801db9c5.JPG

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Besides the outstanding quality of your builds the number to all be done in one year is beyond the norm. I like how you tried so many different styles of vehicles. The Pagani Huayra almost looks like it is exploding, the Chevy pick up and the '40 Ford are great looking Street Rods. The little Blue Chevy is the perfect cruiser.   

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