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Project is shelved untill I get the needed parts to finish it. The frame came from the Revell Peterbilt along with the fuel tanks, and the Frame was shortened so it isn't as long as the was. The Durastar cab was from a Speedway Gas station Firetruck.







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12 hours ago, mikemodeler said:

I will have to look for one of those, I can envision lopping one of the axles off and making a HD flatbed roll back truck.

Jada die cast makes 1/24 durastar roll backs, They can be found on ebay, Got one there for 34.90 total cost, and still factory sealed! Pictures of same one I bought  off the net



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First gear really makes some fantastic trucks in 1 -24 . Wish the kit companies would follow suit

The armor guys get spoiled since most the injection molding companies "copy" equipment from somewhere else and sell as their own...then everyone else rushes to market the same one making a flood of new kits of obscure vehicles.  Just this past year seemed everyone was producing Abrams kits w full interiors and engines. Places like Meng, Tacom or even trumpeter could really wow us with kits if they would invest the tooling 


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