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Holiday Build #2 - Supra


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So the second holiday project has hit the bench:



Tamiya's 'Toms' Supra GT, definitely not going to be finished in the kit-supplied Castrol colours:




Tamiya's TS-8 'Italian Red'  with AK Xtreme Metals' Polished Aluminium' and some hand painted matt black (first coat only in these photos). The insides are all AK Xtreme Metals' 'Dark Aluminium' but obviously only just started, the cage is glued together but not to the chassis in these pics.




Bodyshell is TS-94 'Metallic Grey'. Two light coats and nowhere near shiny enough, so I'll brush on a coat of Klear/Future before decalling, then another afterward. Going to keep the final 'look' a surprise as long as I can, but hopefully y'all will get a kick from it. Not too many 'What If' cars around so nice to do something that little bit outta 'left field', eh ?


More soon.


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So a couple of days of airbrushing and hand-painting the smaller parts and a couple of sub-assemblies and I'm ready to do 'gluing together'.




Next session (whenever that may be) and I should get almost all of the rolling chassis together.

Stay tuned, folks.



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On 1/5/2018 at 4:51 AM, Modlbldr said:

 So , is the AK Xtreme metals a spray like Testors metalizers?


No they aren't. They are airbrush ready, enamel lacquers. In my opinion far better/easier to work with than Alclad as you can spray them directly on to the plastic (like I have here) and get phenomenal results; also they don't lift-off or scuff like Alclads' do under handling. I've been using these for about 18 months  now and they are easily the best NMF product I have found. Very durable, they take weathering powders & washes without lifting, etc, etc, etc. 

This is Phil Flory's review on You Tube - he's a very respected British modeller, and completely independent (not sponsored at all):



Try them out, you'll be surprised (in a good way).




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...and done.



Yep a 'What If' / Fantasy Scheme build.  Sprayed & masked the red first using the Tamiya 911 GT2 as a 'guide', the rest was easy. Hope you take it in the spirit that it's meant... FUN !!

More pics in 'Under Glass;.




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