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MPC 1973 Mustang Mach1

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Just finished up this MPC 1973 Mustang Mach1 and waiting for a front chin spoiler from Missing Link. Box art shows that a chin spoiler is included but there was no chin spoiler.  Mach1 decals were from Keith Marks. Very difficult to made these old tooling kits look decent. Don't have an engine pic because I'm too embarrassed to show it. We need a retooled version of this style of Mustang with a decent looking engine compartment. The wheels used were the optional aluminum wheels available in '73. They did not come with the kit. Interior pic was taken before I decided to go with the blacked out hood.







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Randy, I have been saying the same thing about these Mustangs for years.  It is about time a new tool of this generation Stang be produced.  You did about as good as you could do with this.  I would love to build a BOSS 351, (the fastest of all BOSSes BTW), and have the lousy MPC kit, but can't move myself to build it.  I am still holding out hope we will someday get that newly tooled example.

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Very nice work Randy. I know there has been some trial and error with this one.  Hopefully Missing Link will cast more parts to allow builders to make either a Boss 351, 351 4v Mach1, or 429 CJ.  All we need is: a realistic engine compartment like the Revelll 69/70 kits, a true 1/25th  351 (RIP SMBC) Cleveland and a 429 engine, ram air plenum and air cleaner, accurate dual exhaust system with oval mufflers, FOMOCO hub caps and trim rings,  decals (available from Keith Marks)  and some decent molded door panels.  Needless to say this is the reason a new tool is needed as Round 2 is not going to invest in improving the existing  one.  Since that is unlikely to happen I'm going to cobble what I can together to build a semi-decent replica of several 71-73 Mustangs.  FYI - Keith Marks also has decals for the Europa and Sprint versions.  R&M has a mold for the standard flat hood that I gave to Norman many years ago.  ML is supposed to be doing more parts courtesy of me destroying a Danbury Mint Boss 351.



Sorry to hijack the thread but I wanted everyone to know you do not have to settle for what comes in the box.







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12 minutes ago, Janne Herajärvi said:

Looking good.. I would love to build similar like on movie death proof B)


You can get the coupe kit from Motorcity  resin casters.  It has the correct grille and hood.


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