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Digital Die Cutting Machines and Model Building?

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Are any of you using any of these machines for cutting out decals or styrene?  I would appreciate it if the administrators could "Pin" the subject.  If that is not feasible,  I can post a link to a Facebook group.   There are a variety of machines out there and each has it's merits and draw backs...  I would like to start a discussion to share questions, answers and experiences on how to best use these machine to benefit our hobby.  Three of the main manufacturers are Cricut, Silhouette and Brother.  If you are not familiar with them, there are several videos on YouTube that introduce, compare, and explain their uses and features.  Unfortunately, there are only a handful that discuss it's uses in modeling.  Of the videos that exist, most are over a year old.  Please feel free to share your experiences!  Thank you!


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I know one member has mentioned using a die-cutting machine, but I'll leave it up to him if he wants to chime in.

After a quick Google search I turned up this (appears to be ) helpful page showing a few of the machines:



What do you or have you used them for David? Any images of what you've done which you can share?

I could see it being handy for cutting parts or section of a larger assembly (say, a cargo box), but it seems you are limited by the uniform thickness of the medium, so you have to restrict yourself to either sheet goods (body panels) or use a thicker medium, then find out which parts match that thickness.

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I remember someone using a manual machine to cut aluminum strips for leaf springs and maybe another that programmed one to make leaf spring sections complete with radius ends.

I actually bought a Cricut after Black Friday on sale, haven't tried it yet.

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